Top 20 Mars Movies, or 99 Years of Mars in Cinema

It may seem that cinema and Mars aren’t in a particularly good relationship. First, we had some early 1910s-1920s productions that were more about pacifism and communism than space travel – let alone Mars. Then came the time of the cheesy and naive 1950s productions, and believe me, it won’t take them long to put a you smile on your face if you watch these oldies now. When – finally! – science fiction got some big budgets in the early 1980s, it didn’t help much either – the visuals got better, but the overall feeling often remained the same. However…


”Mission to Mars”, 2000.

…we terrans don’t surrender easily, do we? We are quite stubborn creatures. Most Mars movies were box office flops, but it never prevent us from trying again and again.

mars mars

”Robinson Crusoe On Mars”, 1964.

99 years is a whole lot of time, and some beautiful films were shot, ranging from childish or gory production to some hyper-realistic and incredibly plausible stories.

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”Reprinting is shady if you say the image is limited edition.”

Kevin Tong creates these masterpieces directly from his head. No scetches. Just a long meticilous mind planning…


“The Bride of Frankenstein”

Recently I’ve posted some awesome ”Robocop” posters… Kevin Tong was responsible for creating some of the most impressive of them, so I thought it would be interesting to share more of this Austin-based artist. Here’s an excerpt from his interview to Evil Tender:

– You have some awesome videos online that follow you through your process of creating your posters. Do you sketch heavily before you begin a piece? In the process video for the Mogwai poster it seems that you just begin by drawing, creating a perfectly designed poster from your head. Of course it is from your head, but is every element well plotted out before you start working in the final product? 

– Sketching, I really dislike sketching. Usually I go straight to final. The idea percolates in my head for a long time. I like to think and rethink it, but never put anything to paper until I feel I’m ready to start. I try out lots of ideas in my mind and if I forget an idea, it’s not worth drawing. Eventually, through survival of the fittest, the entire image is formed in my mind, so i just start working. A lot of the thinking occurs when I’m driving somewhere, cooking, or hanging out. I’m told I look really upset when I’m thinking of ideas.

Here are some of the final results:


Here’s the creative process behind one poster…


And the illustrator himself…Screenshot_20171125-141032

Visit Kevin Tong’s website, ”Tragic Sunshine”. There are basically megatons of graphic awesomeness.