The Most Beautiful Star Wars Scenes & Shots Ever

Ignacio Montalvo, multimedia journalist & video editor freelance, accomplished a huge titanic project – a compilation of the most beautiful Star Wars scenes, from ALL Star Wars movies. All together in one streaming video. The result is this three-and-a-half-minute video, made of short scenes and stills.

Observing the fragility and poetry of these shots made me feel like I’ve been watching them for the first time ever… It’s a beautiful reminder that when we gaze at the stars we actually look deep in ourselves.


If you want to delve more into the visual poetry of this universe, check also the compilation ”The 50 Best Star Wars Stills” by Film School Rejects.

Star Wars2

One of my personal favourites. Feels like Star Wars vs Far Cry!

Star Wars

Nostalgia and grief, grief and nostalgia.

Star Wars3

Maps to the Stars.


Visual poetry.


What is your favourite scene/shot?

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