“Making of Rachel” featurette

Blade Runner 2049” will surely remain in history at least for 2 reasons – it has incredible, mesmerizing visuals that have more to with real art than digital special effects. Secondly, it is a rare successful and thoughtful sequel of a cult film that really expands this fascinating and dark universe.


Still, digital effects in this film were as impressive as just everything else. In fact, only now I realized that Rachel was digitally modified… that never happened to me before! Even in some recent Star Wars installments with their stellar budgets it was pretty clear when somebody (like Peter Cushing…) was artificially re-created. But not here.


It lasts around 2 minutes. Consider switching the audio off – there’s some stupid annoying song that has nothing to do with the film.

Moon / posters + Duncan Jones’ next film, Mute

A bunch of posters for “Moon“, one of the best sci-fi debuts ever.

The original poster is still my favourite though:



Duncan Jones’ 4th film, sci-fi noir set in 2052 Berlin “Mute“, will be released next year, and he describes it as a spiritual sequel to his debut, hinting that both movies share the same universe. He has been planning it since 2003 and it seems this time the visuals will not be prevailing over the content, like it happened with “Warcraft“, Jones’ 3rd film (an nice flick for any “Warcraft” videogame fan, but less so for everybody else). “Mute” is distributed by Netflix and stars Paul Rudd, Alexander Skarsgård and Justin Theroux.

Really looking forward to it.