Top 20 Mars Movies, or 99 Years of Mars in Cinema

It may seem that cinema and Mars aren’t in a particularly good relationship. First, we had some early 1910s-1920s productions that were more about pacifism and communism than space travel – let alone Mars. Then came the time of the cheesy and naive 1950s productions, and believe me, it won’t take them long to put a you smile on your face if you watch these oldies now. When – finally! – science fiction got some big budgets in the early 1980s, it didn’t help much either – the visuals got better, but the overall feeling often remained the same. However…


”Mission to Mars”, 2000.

…we terrans don’t surrender easily, do we? We are quite stubborn creatures. Most Mars movies were box office flops, but it never prevent us from trying again and again.

mars mars

”Robinson Crusoe On Mars”, 1964.

99 years is a whole lot of time, and some beautiful films were shot, ranging from childish or gory production to some hyper-realistic and incredibly plausible stories.

Let’s go! Mars it waiting. Continue reading

Film marketing campaigns costs & Stranger Things 2

Marketing campaign costs of most Hollywood blockbusters have always been a mystery for me.

What the fuck do they do with all that money?

Well, TV surely eats a huge amount of it:


A rule of thumb would be that marketing and promoting costs are 30-50% compared to the films official budget, but – attention! – these costs are not included in the actual budget, so when you check Wiki or Mojo for how much some recent blockbuster did cost, remember to add roughly 40%, just to get the idea.

“In 1980, the average cost of marketing a studio movie in the U.S. was $4.3 million ($12.4 million in today’s dollars). By 2007, it had shot up to nearly $36 million,” as is stated here.

I know that most people reading this blog are from the USA and maybe you, guys, think these things are obvious, but here in Europe things are slightly different (and in average the USA have the highest TV consumption per person in the world). There are other things to take into consideration too, but it wasn’t my intention to discuss it here.

So when going out today I was literally shocked by seeing this…


Ok, cool, you’ll say, right, but you don’t really get the context, I suppose. Same telephone booth, another angle:

Yep, that’s one of the most visited places in Europe, Milan’s delicious Duomo. But that’s not just it. If you go down in the local subway, it’s literally all covered with “Stranger Things” promotions, it is always crowded so I took photos only of these…

…but there is much, much more, and the posters are very creative. There are even upside down posters!

Now I see there they spend the money. Just buying a place like that right in the center of Milan costs a lot, and Italy rarely allows something that may damage the cultural image of the buildings (for example, most shops are forced to use the signboard of similar colour to the building if it is a historical one, and bright colours are not allowed in a historical center of any city).

And it’s no wonder. “Stranger Things” seems one of Netflix’s most marketable original shows. They created a partnershir campaings with Spotify, Lyft, Kellog’s and many others.

Well done, Netflix! Now people like me do a free promotion of your show.


How are “Stranger Things 2” promoted in your town? I’ll like to know it too!