Alex Garland’s next movie ‘Annihilation’ will be in cinemas only in the US/Canada/China?


Den of Geek has just published a very curious and sad article on Alex Garland’s next movie release details ”Why Annihilation Going Straight To Netflix Matters”. It’s well worth reading…

”…it turns out that Alex Garland’s movie Annihilation won’t be found in cinemas in the UK. Garland’s adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s book instead is going straight to Netflix outside of the US, Canada and China, courtesy of a new deal Paramount Pictures has struck with the streaming giant.”


”Sending movies like ”Annihilation” straight to VOD denies us the chance of seeing them as their makers wanted us to see them – in the dark, projected on a huge screen, our phones in our pockets and our attention fully invested.”

Premise… Alex Garland is The Boss. He directed ”Ex Machina” (I suppose no explanation is needed here or maybe you’ve finished on a wrong blog?), he wrote ”28 Days Later”, ”Dredd” (the good one, not the Stallonian one)…

dredd comparison

Did you know that ”stallone” in Italian means ”stallion”- an uncastrated adult male horse?

…”Sunshine” and ”Never Let Me Go” (which I liked less, but still it was a very original project). Garland also wrote the cult novel ”The Beach” which I haven’t read but plan to do so.

Now it was revealed that his next film won’t get a cinema release everywhere. I can read your mind now… ”WHAAAAT?”

But I know why people don’t want to see movies like ”Blade Runner 2049” or ”Annihilation” anymore. It’s a viscious circle, it’s a serpent biting its own tail. This is exactly what happens when people got addicted to shopping mindless blockbusters, endless sequels, soulless reboots and bright superheroes.

I’m quite disappointed. I must admit I rarely go to see something on the big screen as in my mind not so many new movies deserve it + I often have strange working schedules + I’d have to spend too much money on it, but that is not the point. I’ve always considered that seeing a movie in cinema is a special, magic experience. There so many shitty releases during the year, so many bad movies and they’re still released. But ”Annihilation”? Cannot believe it.

What do you think of all this? 



”Annihilation” is based on Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy – the books ”Annihilation”, ”Authority” and ”Acceptance”. The film will be… ehm… ”released” on 23.02.2018.

The Mist & 28 Days Later / posters


2 captivating posters for “The Mist“.

Thanks to Echosynthetic, who’s also a wonderful reviewer of various electronic music subgenres.

And one of my favourite movies ever, 28 Days Later“. Just love it. It’s so much more than just a horror film.


“If this movie was American, it would doubtless be a bunch of American cowboys being sent up with fireworks and catch phrases.”


A wonderful review of this hugely underrated movie by Assholes Watching Movies. I can rewatch it endlessly. Like in case of “28 Days Later“, Alex Garland and Danny Boyle’s collaboration brought an incredible result. And why? Because – among all other things – they had a good solid script.


Alex Garland’s second movie, “Annihilation“, will be out pretty soon. trailer was released recently and it looks absolutely hypnotic.  I really think in 20 years he may become what Villeneuve is now if he continues like that.

The cast is impressive – Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny and Sonoya Mizuno. Really looking forwatd to it.



50 years into the future, the sun is a dying star, and Earth will die along with it. We send a ship of astronauts to bomb the sun back into shining but the team goes awol somewhere out in the million miles of space. So we send another one, but this IS IT. Mankind’s last hope. We’ve officially mined all of Earth’s resources for this motherload. No pressure!

sunshine02The new team includes Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, and Cillian Murphy. They’re clearly already under stress when we meet them several years into their trip to the sun, but shit’s about to get a whole lot messier. Just as they’re approaching the most dangerous part of the mission, they receive a signal. It’s a ping from the lost ship. It’s been 7 years since anyone’s heard from them…they can’t still be alive, can they?

The crew debates whether they should divert their…

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