Kirk Douglas turned 101

Yesterday Kirk ”Spartacus” Douglas turned 101. He was born as Issur Danielovitch, and his parents were Jewish immigrants that left Russian Empire (present-day Belarus). Kirk Douglas is one of the last living people of the film industry’s Golden Age.

And what about sci-fi? Kirk Douglas did an extremely weirdSaturn 3” which I haven’t seen… any thoughts on this 1980 film?

First trailer for Alita: Battle Angel

Yahoo! Thanks to Raistlin0903 who is back from his unwanted vacation (sorry, Michel), I’ve watched the new trailer of ”Alita: Battle Angel”.

Here’s the formula: Robert Rodriguez + Cristoph Waltz + $200 million budget + Mahershala Ali + J Connelly + Cameron’s producing.

This is so awesome. I’m practically drooling just thinking about it.

But we all know that while Robert Rodriguez (and Waltz too, by the way) was responsible for creating some of the most amazing stuff I’ve ever seen (”Desperado”, ”From Dusk Till Dawn”, ”Sin City”) he’ve always been pretty inconsistent (three, dammit, three those ”Spy Kids” sequels were totally unjustified, ”Sin City: A Lame to Kill For” was visually impressive but still somehow boring).

The trailer of ”Alita: Battle Angel” is cool and I love these anime-like eyes… however basically it doesn’t show anything we haven’t seen before, so lets hope that there’s much more in the film! I am already happy to have one more original sci-fi movie…




After a bit of a strange week of blogging, and my recovering from a rather nasty flu (you can read all about that right here), today marks the first day that I hope to get back to normal blogging operations. Erm, yeah I don’t quite know what that means either. I’m at least going to try and make an effort to catch up on some posts that I have missed, and try and write some stuff myself again as well. They say there is such a thing as not believing in things that are a coincidence, but I sometimes beg to differ. I literally acquired the first volume of the Deluxe Edition of the Battle Angel Alita manga, this weekend. For those of you not familiair with it, Battle Angel Alita is a long running manga series. It features a young innocent looking cyborg woman called Alita, that is…

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The Falls and Rises of Film Franchises Infographic

Lilyn G. of Sci-Fi & Scary has just published an awesome infographic…


Here you can see the full hi-res version where you can compare the franchises and see everything in detail.

What are your thoughts?

As for myself, I’ve always been not too tolerant with professional cinema critics, but this infographic just confirms that for the most part they understand very little about cinema. They tend to:

  • bash almost-good/mediocre films much more than they deserve it (basically, every 3rd/4th film in almost any franchise will follow this path, see ”Alien; Resurrection”, ”Terminator: Salvation”, ”Rocky IV”, ”Star Wars”)
  • overrate films that are balancing between good and moderately good (”Prometheus” & ”Alien: Covenant”, ”Resident Evil”, ”Die Hard IV” are good examples, ”Mission Impossible 4 & 5” are rated much higher than the first installment)
  • dislike horror/slasher movies in general

Yikes. Feels so good to be an amateur film critic.’s new homepage

Just a quick update. Since the blog has been growing steadily since I launched it almost one year ago plus some readers were complaining that it becomes hard to navigate and find stuff (most notably dbmoviesblog 🙂 which is by the way an awesome movie blog with thoughtful insights!), I decided to fully renovate the homepage. I hope your face expression won’t be like theirs…


…and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback. Now new posts won’t be published directly on the main page, but just as a short link to them. Here what it looks like:

new main page 2

Does it make any sense?


Netflix’s Black Mirror Debuts Season 4 Trailer, Premiere Date Announced

Sleuth News

Netflix’s anthology science fiction TV series Black Mirror has quite the following so a lot of fans will probably be happy that the upcoming fourth season, consisting of six episodes, has finally been given a premiere date of December 29th. This was announced today with an official trailer for the new season. Check it out below:

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David Harbour of Stranger Things = Hellboy!



Remember the big guy Hopper from “Stranger Things“?

Well, now he’ll become even bigger and with a stronger sense of justice wry humour than ever.


That’s so cool! Hopper is one of the best characters of the show (even though often I find myself thinking that any character of “Stranger Things” can be described this way). “Hellboy” will be released 11.01.2019. But I see a shadow of doubt over it… Continue reading

How to solve space junk problem?

I guess most of us are concerned about Earth pollution, however we humans are particularly good in producing tones of junk even faraway from our planet’s surface…

  • There are more than 20,000 pieces of debris larger than a softball orbiting the Earth. They travel at speeds up to 17,500 mph, fast enough for a relatively small piece of orbital debris to damage a satellite or a spacecraft.
  • There are 500,000 pieces of debris the size of a marble or larger. There are many millions of pieces of debris that are so small they can’t be tracked.
  • The total number of tracked objects exceeds 21,000.
  • More than 4,600 satellites orbit Earth, along with more than 14,000 old rocket parts and pieces of space junk.
  • This dangerous orbital garbage is moving roughly 10 times faster than a speeding bullet and takes a long time to crash back to earth. This debris can stay up there for hundreds of years.



Which problems can it cause? In first, place, a so-called “debris avoidance maneuver”. NASA spends a lot of time and resources to re-calculate the routes of the ships and satellites.

When predictions indicate that the debris will pass close enough for concern and the quality of the tracking data is deemed sufficiently accurate, Mission Control centers in Houston and Moscow work together to develop a prudent course of action.


Sometimes these encounters are known well in advance and there is time to move the station slightly. Other times, the tracking data isn’t precise enough to warrant such a maneuver or the close pass isn’t identified in time to make the maneuver. In those cases, the control centers may agree that the best course of action is to move the crew into the Soyuz spacecraft that are used to transport humans to and from the station. This allows enough time to isolate those spaceships from the station by closing hatches in the event of a damaging collision. The crew would be able to leave the station if the collision caused a loss of pressure in the life-supporting module or damaged critical components. The Soyuz act as lifeboats for crew members in the event of an emergency.

Here are some examples…

  • In 1996, a French satellite was hit and damaged by debris from a French rocket that had exploded a decade earlier.
  • On Feb. 10, 2009, a defunct Russian satellite collided with and destroyed a functioning U.S. Iridium commercial satellite. The collision added more than 2,000 pieces of trackable debris to the inventory of space junk.
  • China’s 2007 anti-satellite test, which used a missile to destroy an old weather satellite, added more than 3,000 pieces to the debris problem.

A loose fleck of paint is thought to have caused a crack in a window on the International Space Station.

What is the solution to the problem?

“The RemoveDEBRIS platform will be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) using a NanoRacks service and Space X rocket in 2018. The sequence of launch is described as follows. The platform is packed in specialist boxes which are launched to the ISS.


The boxes are unpacked by the astronauts and installed on a slide table. The slide table moves into the ISS Japanese module and a special robotic arm grapples the platform and moves it outside the ISS. The arm then releases the platform in a very specific direction and the mission begins,” says University of Surrey.


Hole in a panel of NASA’s Solar Max satellite caused by the impact of tiny particle of space debris.

The 100-kilogram spacecraft, developed by a consortium of 10 European companies including Airbus Defense and Space and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., would be the largest and heaviest satellite deployed from the ISS.

“Nothing of this size has ever been launched from the ISS before,” said Jason Forshaw, RemoveDebris project manager at the University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Centre, which leads the consortium.

“Most of the things they are launching from there are cubesats, much smaller objects, 10 kg or so,” Forshaw said. “As you can imagine, we are progressing through the safety reviews and we are just going through those at the moment.”

The cost of the project is €15.2 million ($17 million), funded by the European Union. The launch was already delayed several times due to legal problems (such as who owns the defunct sattelites?).


Lets hope for the best!


Robocop mashup / posters pt 2

It’s a little known fact, but while scavenging for those marvellous “Robocop” posters I stumbled upon an impressive amount of a nasty fan fantasy…


Robocop, Michael Fassbender’s model. Probably based on the rumours of Fassbender’s involvement in the 2014 remake.


Did I just say impetious and vehement nasty in the beginning of this post?


Sooner or later Robocop vs Terminator had to happen, if not on the big screen, then at least in the readers’ minds notebooks.


The fattest terminator ever!


Where is the Predator?


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