Is all sci-fi about suspending belief? Then have a look at Mortal Engines teaser!

I had a hard time with Bong Joon-ho ”Snowpiercer”, mainly due to its ridiculours premise and in-your-face attitude of a train moving around the globe with a class system inside… but I could have never imagined that things could have been much worse. Have a look at the new ”Mortal Engines” teaser that was released few days ago.

Now there’s no train! There are whole cities moving. With such a huge amount of good stories, why would somebody ever make a film adaptation of this? I’ll be honest – I haven’t read the book. But even for a die-hard sci-fi fan like me, the whole plot of ”Mortal Engine” looks totally ridiculous. Yes, one could argue that it’s fantasy, not sci-fi, it’s all about Mad Max-like steampunk visuals and suspending your (dis)belief plus Peter Jackson is behing the project (while his long-time collaborator Christian Rivers is directing… Hugo Weaving’s on board too), but I’m really sceptical this time. Looks like another YA bullshit disappointment.

In theaters on 14.12.2018.

Alex Garland’s next movie ‘Annihilation’ will be in cinemas only in the US/Canada/China?


Den of Geek has just published a very curious and sad article on Alex Garland’s next movie release details ”Why Annihilation Going Straight To Netflix Matters”. It’s well worth reading…

”…it turns out that Alex Garland’s movie Annihilation won’t be found in cinemas in the UK. Garland’s adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s book instead is going straight to Netflix outside of the US, Canada and China, courtesy of a new deal Paramount Pictures has struck with the streaming giant.”


”Sending movies like ”Annihilation” straight to VOD denies us the chance of seeing them as their makers wanted us to see them – in the dark, projected on a huge screen, our phones in our pockets and our attention fully invested.”

Premise… Alex Garland is The Boss. He directed ”Ex Machina” (I suppose no explanation is needed here or maybe you’ve finished on a wrong blog?), he wrote ”28 Days Later”, ”Dredd” (the good one, not the Stallonian one)…

dredd comparison

Did you know that ”stallone” in Italian means ”stallion”- an uncastrated adult male horse?

…”Sunshine” and ”Never Let Me Go” (which I liked less, but still it was a very original project). Garland also wrote the cult novel ”The Beach” which I haven’t read but plan to do so.

Now it was revealed that his next film won’t get a cinema release everywhere. I can read your mind now… ”WHAAAAT?”

But I know why people don’t want to see movies like ”Blade Runner 2049” or ”Annihilation” anymore. It’s a viscious circle, it’s a serpent biting its own tail. This is exactly what happens when people got addicted to shopping mindless blockbusters, endless sequels, soulless reboots and bright superheroes.

I’m quite disappointed. I must admit I rarely go to see something on the big screen as in my mind not so many new movies deserve it + I often have strange working schedules + I’d have to spend too much money on it, but that is not the point. I’ve always considered that seeing a movie in cinema is a special, magic experience. There so many shitty releases during the year, so many bad movies and they’re still released. But ”Annihilation”? Cannot believe it.

What do you think of all this? 



”Annihilation” is based on Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy – the books ”Annihilation”, ”Authority” and ”Acceptance”. The film will be… ehm… ”released” on 23.02.2018.

How to become LEGendary with Spielberg’s Ready Player 1

Ahahahahaha pardon me but I couldn’t stop laughing when looking at the first poster of highly awaited Spielberg’s ”Ready Player One” that was just published. What the fuck happened with Wade Watts’ right leg?!


No wonder folks starts to make fun of it… ”’LEGendary”, as Dec of The Surrealist Junkie said!



Whatever. Maybe it’s an Easter Egg. A new trailer of ”Ready Player One” has just been published and it looks even better than the teaser published this summer (I wrote about the film before). It relies much less on the heavy CGI-based characters and seems to involve a very detailed and elaborated world too. Plus that Depeche Mode song in a renewed version! Mmm. What a combination.

So far ”Ready Player One”, Alex Garland’s ”Annihilation” and Robert Rodriguez’ ”Alita: Battle Angel” look like one of the most promising original big sci-fi movies of 2018…


78Duke Nukem + Freddy KrueggerAkira's bikeVirtual reality13


Some other alternative posters.



Tarantino vs Star Trek



Few days ago I stumbled upon an article by The Guardian ”How Tarantino Could Save Star Trek”. While the article by itself is little more than a speculative piece of midweek-fillerwhat if…”, it’s the commentary section that really made me laugh.

tarantino star trek


I’m pretty sure Tarantino would do an awesome sci-fi, though. And the rumours about his involvement in the Star Trek are pretty strong. Here’s an excerpt of his 2015 interview to Nerdist:

I’m definitely a fan of the original series and definitely a fan of William Shatner,” he said, before decrying the second film’s use of Benedict Cumberbatch and later praising The Next Generation. “I actually think [a film] could be cool, because the old episodes are fantastic. The only thing that limited them was their ’60s budget and eight-day shooting schedule. You could take some of the great Star Trek episodes and easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some amazing, amazing stuff. The obvious one would be ‘City on the Edge of Forever.‘ That’s what everyone would go do, but there’s a reason everyone would go do that—it’s one of the classic stories of all time, one of the great time travel stories.

First trailer for Alita: Battle Angel

Yahoo! Thanks to Raistlin0903 who is back from his unwanted vacation (sorry, Michel), I’ve watched the new trailer of ”Alita: Battle Angel”.

Here’s the formula: Robert Rodriguez + Cristoph Waltz + $200 million budget + Mahershala Ali + J Connelly + Cameron’s producing.

This is so awesome. I’m practically drooling just thinking about it.

But we all know that while Robert Rodriguez (and Waltz too, by the way) was responsible for creating some of the most amazing stuff I’ve ever seen (”Desperado”, ”From Dusk Till Dawn”, ”Sin City”) he’ve always been pretty inconsistent (three, dammit, three those ”Spy Kids” sequels were totally unjustified, ”Sin City: A Lame to Kill For” was visually impressive but still somehow boring).

The trailer of ”Alita: Battle Angel” is cool and I love these anime-like eyes… however basically it doesn’t show anything we haven’t seen before, so lets hope that there’s much more in the film! I am already happy to have one more original sci-fi movie…




After a bit of a strange week of blogging, and my recovering from a rather nasty flu (you can read all about that right here), today marks the first day that I hope to get back to normal blogging operations. Erm, yeah I don’t quite know what that means either. I’m at least going to try and make an effort to catch up on some posts that I have missed, and try and write some stuff myself again as well. They say there is such a thing as not believing in things that are a coincidence, but I sometimes beg to differ. I literally acquired the first volume of the Deluxe Edition of the Battle Angel Alita manga, this weekend. For those of you not familiair with it, Battle Angel Alita is a long running manga series. It features a young innocent looking cyborg woman called Alita, that is…

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