Augmented reality. Day 11. ”La Jetée”


”La Jetée” (1962) is a very unusual project. It is…

…a photo novel  – a science fiction short film made almost entirely in still photographs. 29 minutes of brain-penetrating painful stills.

…a dystopian science fiction movie made by Chris Marker, a French director whose career spanned for 5 decades and his most notable work were documentary essays, not feature films – let alone science fiction. Yet ”La Jetée” was interconnected with his later works in terms of the spirit.

…incredibly long-lived for a film with such an unusual form – no action, no stars and no actual video – that directly inspired one of the best Terry Gilliam’s films ”12 Monkeys”. Yes, the time when Hollywood still had the guts of making these kind of weird ‘remakes’.

…a grim philosophical story about human perception of things and memory, madness, love, time interchangeability and bleakness.

”The victors stood guard over an empire of rats.”

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Augmented reality. Day 8. Echoes


One of my old photos. I love it because at first it looks like an unremarkable winter wood with some noise in the foreground… But if you pay more attention to the trunks, their shape and texture, everything starts to fall apart and distort. Now it is just a reminiscence of a usual landscape… like a warped vestige of a normal life. Maybe it never existed.

I remember taking this photo after having watched ‘Mulholland Drive’ for the first time.