My name is Mr. Bobinsky.

Maybe you saw me in ”Coraline”.


What the hell am I doing here?

Mostly, I write about independent science fiction movies. But I do a lot of posts about sci-fi posters / art / books / ideas / designs / other stuff.

Why independent? Funny, dark, psychological, deep, smart, weird, odd, low budget, gory, eccentric and created in first place not for cash earning, although some occasional exceptions for big budget sci-fi will be made.

Independent means under $15-20 mln budget. No trash – in most cases I don’t review trash (with that said, “Ex Drummer” is one of my all-time favourites). All the films are rated from 0 to 4 only within the sci-fi genre.

Why indie? Because I hate commercial stuff since late 90-s indie movie production has been growing into something big, bigger than ever. So many awesome films with tiny budget and unknown names were made, most of them remaining virtually hidden in the shade of commercial sci-fi, blockbusters and YA franchises. More and more of the recent indie sci-fi is not about aliens, monsters, robots and stuff, but more about us, humans, our nature and psychology. This change is still ongoing and it’s great.

I watch all movie genres, so… it would be reasonable to ask why did I start this blog? Simply put, I haven’t found any other that concentrates purely on good science fiction. It lacks coverage. The movie that inspired me particularly in first place was probably ”Coherence”. Some all-time favourite movies of mine are “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest“, “Stalker“, “Mulholland Drive” and “Lost In Translation“. Welcome! On the right panel you can browse by categories, otherwise go directly to reviews a-z or reviews by category.

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Since late 90s, indie movie production grew into something bigger than ever. So many awesome brilliant fucking awesome movies with tiny budget and unknown names were made. All this thanks to the greedy studios with their box office fears (sounds like a clichè, I know). Unfortunately, most indie (especially sci-fi) movies remain virtually unknown, even if in last decade this started to change.

Think about this. First there was a so-called Classical Hollywood Cinema period, roughly 1917-1960. Then we have all that time period from late 60s till late 90s when (with some exceptions) so many great movies we know and still love nowadays were made. Why? Well, they still have connection to our world (older movies often look just like something too different), they were made and watched by people who still influence our modern world and many of them are still making movies. How many movies made before 60s have you actually seen?


But it was a completely different environment compared to what we have now, especially in sci-fi that often requires bigger funds. Back then, as it seems, it was possible for the big studios to involve big budget, innovation and creativity, experiments to some extent, involve great and often unknown actors. Most recent sci-fi is polished and empty. There are some good exceptions as well too.


Don’t get me wrong. For example, “Contact”, directed by Zemeckis, was stuck in production for years and changed many studios and directors. If you read different interviews, most directors of that time had the same problems with finding funds as now. But somehow, they managed to made those movies.

Of course, many exceptions existed with lots of low-budget stuff that became cult as well. Let’s say, this is how it looks from the distance of 20+ years. I cannot image that movies like “Terminator 1-2”, “Back to the Future”, “Aliens 1-2”, “Contact”, many Spielberg films, “Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “Ghostbusters” etc., would be made now by any big studio. They had some…naivety, ingenuity, even innocence. Deep inside, they were romantic. Not polished, but alive, and that’s what made them great. By the way, all this stuff I described happened to only in cinema business, but in many other areas as well.

There are some exceptions, though, but they often fail in the box office and need more time.

Why sci-fi? It’s a great metaphore for saying something bigger. It can be funny, dark, sweet, haunting… anything. Simply put, I love it. I have always loved it since I went to see my first movies at cinema when I was 6 with my Dad.20170127_134928 I used to read lots of sci-fi too (Dune by F. Herbert and Jule Verne’s books were one of the first) and played tons of videogames. And recently many good people started to be involved more and more into sci-fi and make something really weird and interesting.

More and more of the recent indie sci-fi is not so much about aliens, monsters, robots etc, but more about us, humans, our nature. This change is still ongoing and it is great.

Sometimes you will find some other reviews as well, of course. I am not a hardcore nerdy sci-fi geek (disappointed?) and watch a lots of other stuff as well. If you don’t know what to watch or are down, just check one more time Wes Anderson’s movies, maybe his early movies, he is just amazing.


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About me. 1989 edition. I speak several languages fluently (Italian and Russian, plus some German) but English is not my native language so feel free to correct any mistakes. I love movies, literature, music (also mostly independent stuff, I used to play in a band before), video games if they have a good story, photography, squash, nature, travel, wine.

Oh and by the way, if you want to submit a movie for a review or make a post by yourself or just have some interesting info, just let me know! Together we can make it bigger and better. You can contact me on indiescifi451@gmail.com.