My favourite ‘Alien’ stills, pt. 1

It may sound strange, but what I love most in this film is not the creature itself, but the atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong – the xenomorph’s design, the editing in the scenes it appears and their pacing are iconic, but for me it’s always been the atmoshere, the photography and the production designs that make this movie something sooo remarkable. It’s a believable world, full of details. A deadly one. With each view there are more of them to find. Here’s the first part of my favourite stills.

The awakening…


Obscure corridors…



The helmets…




The crew…






The giant and menacing spaceships…






To be continued.

8 thoughts on “My favourite ‘Alien’ stills, pt. 1

  1. I agree; the strongest aspects of Alien ’79 are its production design and deliberate atmosphere. While the chestbursting scene is arguably the film’s most iconic, my favorite sequences of the film involve Kane, Dallas, and Lambert’s descent into the Derelict spacecraft. The foreboding, almost surrealist architecture feels so infinite and unknowable it reminds me of Lovecraft-in-space. It is also the original biopunk.

    Watching Alien in isolation — i.e. as a standalone in a vacuum from the Alien franchise — the titular beast almost feels like one of countless horrors that could be unleashed from the seemingly ancient spacecraft. Though Prometheus and Covenant may have overexplained this mythology for many fans, what I liked most about them was how they recaptured that sense of unknowable, infinite horror in the vast reaches of space that Alien ’79 created.

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    • Yes! I think other movies concentrated so much on the xenomorph itself that they forgot that the first movie was something more than just a film with a bunch of guys getting killed by a scary creature.


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