Tom Hardy is Venom

Freshly released ”Venom” trailer is such a bore… fuck me, with all the problems Sony has can’t it just make a cool teaser that’s actually exciting not somniferous?

But there’s a highlight… this fragment is just destined to become a meme. Maybe Tom Hardy will do the same for Sony what James McAvoy did for M. Night Shyamalan.

venom Hardy.gif

Me when my alarm goes off.

The film will be released on 05.10.2018 and features the incredible Michelle Williams as well (one of the best young actresses, in my mind. I love ”Blue Valentine”.).

Really looking forward to it. Venom has always been one of the most enigmatic and chaotic Marvel characters, and it really stands out of the crowd. I just hope it won’t have anything in common with the loosy 2007 version.

10 thoughts on “Tom Hardy is Venom

  1. Tom Hardy is currently me favorite actor, so I am really excited for this myself. I wonder though if they haven’t released this trailer to early. It really shows us pretty much nothing….but…that’s okay. Venom is such a cool character, so I honestly can’t wait for this.
    Ps…I have a competition up over on my blog. Hopefully you will join the contest. Some coll prizes to be won 😊😊

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    • Yes, Venom is one of my favourite chatacters too! That’s why I was quite excited anyway… Plus Tom Hardy who is always a delight to see. The teaser is pretty dull though 😏 Thanks Michel, I will check it out now 😊

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  2. There has been numerous comic based movies, that these trailers must find it hard to reproduce the same kindd of affect on the audience. I don’t know much about Venom, dare I say it’s not one I anticipate, but suffice to say, Tom Hardy will do a great job I’m sure. I prefer him in the gritty- urban like movies such as Legend, Mad Max Fury Road, and a show he is in called Taboo where his roles show grand. Having said that, hopefully this movie will be well executed for the fans.

    Sincerely Sonea

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  3. Totally forgot about this one being on the horizon… the trailer really doesn’t give too much away. I dare say I’ll catch it, but not likely in the cinema.

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  4. It’s hard for me to get excited about super hero movies but I do like Tom Hardy and I’m certain to see this. It seems the internet shares you un-enthusiasm for this boring trailer…but I’ve heard a new teaser trailer was released today in response?

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