First trailer of “Mute”, Duncan Jones’ new film

…and it leaves rather a clumsy feeling. The visuals are great. I hope it is just the editing though, because Duncan Jones (Duncan Zowie Jones!) directed two of the best science fiction movies of this century – “Moon” and “Source Code“.

6 thoughts on “First trailer of “Mute”, Duncan Jones’ new film

  1. Been waiting for this since it was first talked about not long after being blown away by Moon in 2009. Remember being shocked by the mention of Paul Rudd starring, as at the time he’d only been in pretty cheesy comedy roles but then Ant-man came along. I do wonder if all these years waiting I’m gonna to be disappointed though I will not watch the trailer and wish to go in as blind and optimistic as possible. Fingers crossed it’s going to be superb. Unfortunately I have big worries that the incredible visual treat of Netflix other sci-fi event “Altered Carbon” might of stolen it’s thunder!


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