Pyramid Head

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with Adam of Write Thoughts who stopped by to comment my ”Event Horizon” review, and somehow the discussion slipped to Pyramid Head.

Pyramid Head is something (somebody?) that has been running though my head for years. It’s not like I think of it regularly while having my breakfast… hell no! But it’s an image so powerful that it kept coming back during all these years since the realease of the original game (I even don’t play games anymore, huh!).

There were plenty of fan discussions and rumours of what Pyramid Head exactly represents or, at least, what he does not represent… Here’s a very interesting discussion about it (”Is Pyramid Head A Rapist?”). Most of the doubts come from this scene:

He has been an object of various cosplays too, some pretty good…

Some just disrespectful or bad…

Most are missing two elements – the muscles (this one must be tough for the cosplayers) and… fingers. It’s an element that many may have missed – Pyramid Head’s hands are not really human. Pay attention to the scene when James is shooting him.

Never mind. I’ve never been able to summarize my feelings towards the monster as sharply as Adam did.

‘I would say he represents judgement, the desire to suffer for our sins as a form of atonement, and the question “do I want to die?” It’s notable that in most encounters he’s driven off by attacks, but unlike other enemies, he never falls. In the first formal fight a siren calls him away. In later ones it’s strictly avoid or outrun him, and in the final confrontation he destroys himself. I think that shows that he is not an enemy to beat so much as one you resist, and if you resist enough you earn a reprieve. With all his strength it seems clear he could do more harm, suggesting there are unseen rules restraining him. Which, by the way, is my favorite type of monster, one with more power than a human, and greater restrictions.’

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