A disturbance in the Force: Decoding the fan response to ‘The Last Jedi’

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tempt-trailer_1It’s now been about a month since “The Last Jedi” opened in theaters, and I feel like the dust is finally starting to settle a bit surrounding this surprisingly polarizing entry in the Star Wars franchise. By now everyone has probably decided how they feel about the film, one way or the other, and I don’t really want to stir up the controversy again. 😉 This article isn’t designed to be another discussion of the film itself; rather, I’d like to take a look at the overall fan reaction to this film, which has been absolutely fascinating to watch. In one camp you have some fans who loved it and have called it the best Star Wars film since “The Empire Strikes Back,” and others who hated it and think it’s worse than the prequels. The people who had reactions somewhere in between have found themselves in a sort-of No…

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9 thoughts on “A disturbance in the Force: Decoding the fan response to ‘The Last Jedi’

  1. It really has been a really fascinating thing to watch, the response to this film. You already know my thoughts for it, but I agree: the worst things I have seen, is some fans just hating on each other because of different opinions. That really lacks respect and should never be done. Thanks for sharing the post, it was an interesting read 😀

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  2. I’m somewhere in the middle, Last Jedi was decent, but not great. Sometimes I feel social media kind of ruins the joy of new movies. Blockbusters are meant to be fun first and foremost, but for some fans the bickering becomes the main event and they forget to just have a good time at the movies.
    Last Jedi isn’t the best Star Wars movie but it was pretty entertaining. Fans have been yearning for E7-E9 for decades and when they finally are given what they yearn for, they are ungrateful and focus too much on flaws in the films. That’s how I see it. These fans have too high expectations, Star Wars is just a movie, it isn’t the re-appearance of Jesus 🙂

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