indiescifi451 in 2017 / the best & worst

2017 was the first my first year of blogging. On 01.02.2017 I published the first post ever. It was my review of a cute little film ”Safety Not Guaranteed”. At that time I had no idea that the blog will grow into something significant. Something bigger. I was just planning to review some independent science fiction movies because not so many people write about them.


In February 2017 there were 8 visitors, in April – 43, August – 192. This December – 744.

It’s not much compared to other blogs. I know.

But what may seem like one little step for the others, was a giant leap for me.


So I would like to sincerely thank all those who supported me in 2017, it meant a lot to me, all 3225 visitors who left 1167 comments and put 1353 likes. Thank you! I learned many new things and gained many new friends, all thanks to you.


And now some statistics…

Top 7 posts of 2017 ranked by their popularity:

  1. Top 10 Soviet Science Fiction Movies
  2. Female Sci-Fi Costumes, or Sexism In Modern Cinema
  3. Top 44 R-rated Superhero Movies
  4. Liquid Sky” review (I still don’t understand why that post was so popular… what a weird movie!)
  5. What Happened to Monday?” review (a typical modern cliched dystopia)
  6. Top 17 Highest Grossing Horro Movies Of All Time
  7. Version 1.0” review

Slow down. It’s actually moving…

Top 5 posts I had most fun doing:

  1. TRON designs comparisons, part 1 & part 2
  2. Surrealist cinema with Wire, Jonas Mekas & Vladimir Kobrin
  3. ‘Augmented Reality’ posts
  4. Biomorphic surrealism
  5. Female sci-fi costumes


Top 5 big budget sci-fi disappointments:

  1. Alien: Covenant” – really, really disappointed. It’s absolutely watchable and maybe lots of fun if you don’t take it seriously… But what the hell? I want to take ”Alien” movies seriously. This one felt so dumb, pretentious and artificial that ”Prometheus” is basically a masterpiece compared to it.
  2. The Space Between Us” – pure YA romantic trash.
  3. Kong: Skull Island” – not really bad, but just missing the right magic.
  4. What Happened to Monday?” – forgettable and unimaginative dystopia.
  5. Ghost in the Shell” – not a bad flick by no means, but it’s all style and little substance.

These were movies for which I had at least some expectations. There are many others, like ”The Dark Tower”, ”Valerian”, ”Power Rangers”, ”Geostorm”, ”Mummy” etc, for which I had zero expectations and simply skipped them.


Top 5 interesting sci-fi discoveries (not necessarily 2017 movies):

  1. Spring” & ”Resolution”, both directed together by emerging directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.
  2. Version 1.0” & ”The Machine”, two excellent European noir cyberpunk movies
  3. Coherence” & ”The Man From Earth”, both brilliant, smart and minimal sci-fi puzzles. Probably one of the best cheapest (around $60k) sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen. Really make you think of your life.
  4. Mark Duplass, an amazing director, actor, producer. I’ve watched ”Safety Not Guaranteed” which is a lovely romantic sci-fi comedy and ”The One I Love”, a witty dissection of a couple relationship’s wrapped into a sci-fi puzzle.
  5. Dredd”. Holy fuck, this movie raped my brain, pardon my French. But it was such a blast, and totally unexpected. It has been a while since I’ve seen a cool sci-fi dystopia with lots of incredible action that has its own style.


I won’t make any lists of the best movies of 2017 as for the big budget sci-fi the choices are obvious, but I’d like to mention 3 movies that particularly surprised me as I had somewhat of a mixed expectations before watching them, but absolutely loved all three:

  1. It
  2. Get Out
  3. Blade Runner 2049



Stay tuned. More cool stuff is coming in 2018.



35 thoughts on “indiescifi451 in 2017 / the best & worst

  1. Well done on the year Bobby. We started about the same time. It’s all good fun isn’t it.
    Dredd is excellent hey. I saw it at the cinema, on my 3rd viewing this last month I introduced it to my teenagers. Got an all round thumbs up. Rumour has it that Netflix could be making a Mega City One series. Fingers crossed they get Urban back.
    I was the same with Kong, damn that trailer looked so much fun was gonna be had and what a superb cast! It was all a bit MEH in the end!
    Totally agree “Coherence” was superb. Really enjoyed that.
    All the best to you and blog for 2018

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Mike! You’ve been one of the most frequent readers here 🤗 Oh that may be some good news. I’ve read several times Urban’d love to come back to the role… he nailed it!

      Btw, why did you start the blog? Did you have any other before?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, for different reasons… First, I wanted to challenge myself and try something new. I love cinema (as much as music as photography), but I’ve never written reviews plus English is not my native language. So I thought that would be a good challenge.

        Secondly, I wanted some new hobby… I’ve always been into photography, but at certain point understood that it’s better to keep it as a hobby. Then, I was doing music for about 3-4 years and that thing was very important for me. I abandoned several things in my life to do it. But it didn’t work out well. It didn’t really make me happy.

        Thirdly, when I started the blog I used to work quite a lot at night as the night portier (I had a mixed schedule, 50/50). And you know, once you finish all the things you need to do at around 1:30-2:00 at night, it feels incredibly cool to sit there by myself, watch a movie and write a review of it. In the dead of night, when nobody will call or disturb you (except for some hotel guests, but it was quite a classy hotel so things were quiet).

        Ah, almost forgot! I also started the blog because I think lesser-known sci-fi movies don’t get enough coverage. 😂😃😃😄😅😆

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sounds like we cross the same paths. Love of movies, sci-fi, photography and music.
        Dub, techno, soul and general electronic music and soundtracks.
        For English being a second language I will let you know your write perfectly and outshine my uneducated english lol.
        Great to hear your pathway to to the blog world. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading that and giving me an insight into the Mr Bobinsky 🙂
        Keep up the top knowledge sharing dude.
        Fist bump 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • This is my Mixcloud page where I’ve compiled loads of different genre mixes I’ve made over the years.

        Might be something you’ll like in there 🙂
        I think you will like the Cold War Streylock mixes.
        Cold War Streylock – Project Declassified series is up to number 9 (techno/electronic)
        Raw British Reggae is up Part 11 (Reggae Dub)
        The Robots Have Infiltrated The World (Electronic/Techno)
        Soul Crazy series up to 22 (soul/street soul/modern soul)
        Distinctively Deep Series (Across the board)
        Dub Rockers Invasion series up to Vol 8 (Old Dub)
        Brighter Nights Ahead (New Boogie Soul)
        Oppenheimers Brain Drain (Techy)
        The Cray-1 Experiments 3 parts (electronic soul beats and stuff)
        Mad Mongos Radio Soul 25 episodes of a short lived radio show (Jazz,electronic,soul, folk etc)

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  2. Thanks so much for the pingback: truly appreciate it. Your blog has been awesome. One of the things that I really like about it is the amazing diversity of your posts. Reviews, posters, insightful stories in history: very, very cool.
    Can’t wait to see what you are going to be coming up with this year. Will definitely be here all year, that’s for sure 😀😀


      • I’m just over a year old now (my blog that is aha). I started in Oct 2016 as a way to get away from neverending uni work, and I’m loving it! It’s a great excuse to go off and research the things that interest you and share your passions, and I’ve learnt so much from other bloggers like you. Also don’t you think there’s a real friendly atmosphere socialising on blogs which you definitely don’t get with social media like Facebook and Twitter which always seems so hostile and stressful?! Why is that I wonder aha

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks. I can same the same about you and your blog. It’s a pity you don’t post more often!

        Yes, agree on both points! I’ve actually stopped using FB for this reason…

        In which sector do you work?


      • I know I wish I had more time to blog! I have a few planned out for the next few weeks but whey will probably end up being delayed aha. Sector as in job? I work on a technical help desk at my university whilst I study, how about you?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ah so you’te still studying, that’s great! It may be so tough to combine it with work… I am managing a small 4 star hotel in Milan. I’ve been working in other hotel departments before for about 6 years with less responsibility and now several months ago I moved to this job. That’s so tough, argh, so much stuff to take care of. But I love it.


      • Oh cool! Love Italy so much. So you’re somewhat like a Ralph Fiennes figure in the Grand Budapest Hotel? XD have you seen that film? Absolutely brilliant one of my favourite films of all time, and soo funny!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ahaha yes absolutely I love that film too. Wes Anderson for me is a genius! I love most Rushmore, however (I think I’ve seen almost all Wes’ movies, except for Darjeeling and Fox….). Wes Anderson + Bill Murray is so awesome. As for your question… ahahah no, not really, because Grand Budapest Hotel was really, really huge. We here have only 10! So everything is on a much smaller scale.


      • Agreed. And yes Rushmore is definitely one of the best, also Steve Zisou is brilliant (his ass kicking scene is just glorious!!). But I think moonrise kingdom is a little overrated, as people often say it is his best but I find it comparably lacking. There’s a funny imaginary advert for the shining if it was directed by Wes Anderson on YouTube, check it out you’ll love it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ah thanks I will check it out 😊 Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel are very, very good movies, I really loved them, but yes I think they are both overrated… They felt to me like a little bit overcalculated 😊 While his older movies didn’t have this feeling.


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