glitch zero resized

TV glitches can be a nightmare. In most cases, they’re simply annoying, but sometimes they’re a hypnotizing and surreal works of art.

Some of it is relaxing.

Some is quite disturbing.

Think early Lynch (”Eraserhead”) or Cronenberg (”Videodrome”).

Or even ”Liquid Sky”, an acid surreal punkish fashionable 1982 film I review before.

I’ve spent about an hour observing them and you know what kind of feeling it gives?

”…if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”

glitch warning resized

Looking for an extended period of time at the following images below may make you feel weird!



glitch resized


glitch2 resized


glitch5 resized


glitch 16 resized




glitch3 resized


glitch4 resizedglitch6 resized


glitch7 resized




glitch8unknown figures moving in the dark






That was pretty disturbing, isn’t it? And now… Merry Christmas and enjoy your glitch soup!


Forever yours…

glitch man

The Glitchman.



8 thoughts on “м0st_̣_̣_̣beaut¡ful__̣_̣ⲧ\/__̣₲liⲧche₷

  1. I’m glad to report that after staring into the abyss of these glitchy images, I found no source of a black haired girl crawling out of the screen though my, do I remember the bizzare but captivating images from Videodrome. I believe Donnie Darko had its glitchy moments to behold aswell. An interesting post here Mr. Glitchman.

    Sincerely S¤n€a

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    • Thanks, Sonea. It wasn’t so easy to do it. As you can see, each glitch is separated distinctively from the others, I put the numbers there and did it on purpose, because if you look at three or more glitches at the same time on the same screen it really makes a weird effect on your brain.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I did notice that and I do appreciate your efforts in sourcing these images out. Hopefully my brain stays well intact as being unwell with an overloaded glitchy brain won’t be ideal. Do not glitch out my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

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