Is all sci-fi about suspending belief? Then have a look at Mortal Engines teaser!

I had a hard time with Bong Joon-ho ”Snowpiercer”, mainly due to its ridiculours premise and in-your-face attitude of a train moving around the globe with a class system inside… but I could have never imagined that things could have been much worse. Have a look at the new ”Mortal Engines” teaser that was released few days ago.

Now there’s no train! There are whole cities moving. With such a huge amount of good stories, why would somebody ever make a film adaptation of this? I’ll be honest – I haven’t read the book. But even for a die-hard sci-fi fan like me, the whole plot of ”Mortal Engine” looks totally ridiculous. Yes, one could argue that it’s fantasy, not sci-fi, it’s all about Mad Max-like steampunk visuals and suspending your (dis)belief plus Peter Jackson is behing the project (while his long-time collaborator Christian Rivers is directing… Hugo Weaving’s on board too), but I’m really sceptical this time. Looks like another YA bullshit disappointment.

In theaters on 14.12.2018.

8 thoughts on “Is all sci-fi about suspending belief? Then have a look at Mortal Engines teaser!

  1. Well…..I don’t know yet 😅 I think it looks pretty cool, despite the pretty ridiculous premise. Guess we will have to wait for a better trailer and the movie itself to find out if it’s truly horrible 😊

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  2. “What is that?” “That is … London!” LOL Oh my days that looks terrible.
    Like a way over the top Mad Mad Fury Road mashed up with Howls Moving Castle! I don’t know the source material at all so I’m only really having a laugh but man it does look rather silly. I too wasn’t a big fan of Snowpiercer either.

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  3. I have read the books and while the initial premise seems a bit silly, as it unfolds over the four book cycle it starts to make sense and there’s some terrific character work and ideas to come. Will it translate well to film? Not sure, but I’d still recommend the books to anyone.

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