9 Soviet Space Firsts

Premise. I love reading Quora. It’s an endless provider of professional, smart, funny and tragic insights and is a good way to keep you updated about how different people view our world. There are almost no ads, and most answer are provided by specialists in  their field. This morning, as usually, while dealing with my breakfast I saw something that really caught my attention, taking into consideration that I was born in the USSR and love sci-fi…

What would have happened if the Soviets got to the moon first?

Not in chronological order, 9 important achievements, of which 2 are space-related.


Thanks to Karthik Venkatesh for this insightful answer and let me add my 2 cents.space race1

Plus the first hard and soft Moon landing. Luna 2 was the first human-produced artifact to reach the moon – the probe crashed near the Sea of Serenity on 14.09.1959. Later in 1966, Luna 9 did the first soft landing of a human-produced object on the moon and transmitted the first close-ups of the lunar surface.


Read more here and here about the early days of the space race.

6 thoughts on “9 Soviet Space Firsts

  1. Great post. It never fails to amaze me how many things the human race has achieved in outer space. One has to wonder what the world is going to look like in a 100 years from now. Will we have human colonies on Mars? It’s sometimes very fascinating to wonder about things like that 😊


  2. Such a shame the two nations couldn’t have worked together but I guess then the push to get “firsts” wouldn’t of been there and things might of taken so much longer. The competition and cold war urged things along. Always been fascinated by both space agencies, it just blows my mind the incredible goals mankind can push themselves to. Russia’s achievements will never be forgotten as the Sputnik, Yuri and Mir names are etched into history. Whereas the Buran design is a total rip off of the earlier Space Shuttle, how absolutely incredible it made the first automated trip into space and back again. The likes of Blue Horizon and Spacex are trying to perfect now. Such a shame Russia could keep that program going. Great post Mr B

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      • It does sound that way doesn’t it. It such a shame everyone just can’t get together, join their resources and get things done. Oh how I would love to see a Moon landing in our lifetime. To see a base be built on the Moon etc. The whole manned Mars thing just seems like a folly at the moment imho. Good thing though will be all the new tech they invent whilst working out problems. China hopefully will move things on. Hope so 🙂

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  3. I hate to sound like this, but the race was of course a draw and “the humanity won” if Americans really landed on the Moon 🙂 1969? and all those radiation belts to go through? I kept hearing that they could get anyone up there, but there was no guarantee that anyone alive would come back. Oh, I don’t know about this “race”. I am so agnostic on this question.

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