”Reprinting is shady if you say the image is limited edition.”

Kevin Tong creates these masterpieces directly from his head. No scetches. Just a long meticilous mind planning…


“The Bride of Frankenstein”

Recently I’ve posted some awesome ”Robocop” posters… Kevin Tong was responsible for creating some of the most impressive of them, so I thought it would be interesting to share more of this Austin-based artist. Here’s an excerpt from his interview to Evil Tender:

– You have some awesome videos online that follow you through your process of creating your posters. Do you sketch heavily before you begin a piece? In the process video for the Mogwai poster it seems that you just begin by drawing, creating a perfectly designed poster from your head. Of course it is from your head, but is every element well plotted out before you start working in the final product? 

– Sketching, I really dislike sketching. Usually I go straight to final. The idea percolates in my head for a long time. I like to think and rethink it, but never put anything to paper until I feel I’m ready to start. I try out lots of ideas in my mind and if I forget an idea, it’s not worth drawing. Eventually, through survival of the fittest, the entire image is formed in my mind, so i just start working. A lot of the thinking occurs when I’m driving somewhere, cooking, or hanging out. I’m told I look really upset when I’m thinking of ideas.

Here are some of the final results:


Here’s the creative process behind one poster…


And the illustrator himself…Screenshot_20171125-141032

Visit Kevin Tong’s website, ”Tragic Sunshine”. There are basically megatons of graphic awesomeness.

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