The Most Beautiful Star Wars Scenes & Shots Ever

Ignacio Montalvo, multimedia journalist & video editor freelance, accomplished a huge titanic project – a compilation of the most beautiful Star Wars scenes, from ALL Star Wars movies. All together in one streaming video. The result is this three-and-a-half-minute video, made of short scenes and stills.

Observing the fragility and poetry of these shots made me feel like I’ve been watching them for the first time ever… It’s a beautiful reminder that when we gaze at the stars we actually look deep in ourselves.


If you want to delve more into the visual poetry of this universe, check also the compilation ”The 50 Best Star Wars Stills” by Film School Rejects.

Star Wars2

One of my personal favourites. Feels like Star Wars vs Far Cry!

Star Wars

Nostalgia and grief, grief and nostalgia.

Star Wars3

Maps to the Stars.


Visual poetry.


What is your favourite scene/shot?



”The Phantom Menace”, dir. George Lucas.


”Return of the Jedi”, dir. Richard Marquand.


”Rogue One”, dir. Gareth Edwards.


”A New Hope”, dir. George Lucas.


”The Force Awakens”, dir. J.J. Abrams.


It seems like a clear ”THX-1138” influence to me with those faceless designs and numbers, numbers… ”The Force Awakens”, dir. J.J. Abrams.


”Return of the Jedi”, dir. Richard Marquand.


”Attack of the Clones”, dir. George Lucas.


”A New Hope”, dir. George Lucas.


”The Force Awakens”, dir. J.J. Abrams.


”The Phantom Menace”, dir. George Lucas.


”The Force Awakens”, dir. J.J. Abrams.


”A New Hope”, dir. George Lucas.


Stay tuned… more is coming!

star wars4

Well, if droids could think, there’d be none of us here, would there?” — Obi-Wan Kenobi.

14 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Star Wars Scenes & Shots Ever

  1. It’s hard to pick a favourite, as all the original trilogy stuff is pretty much ingrained in my mind as being iconic. The clashing sabres of Luke and Vader and that shot of Leia giving the message to R2-D2.

    I don’t think the prequilogy quite had the same impact, as it all looked a bit too glossy and CGI.
    However, that scene where you see the wreckage on Jakku is no doubt one of the most striking moments in The Force Awakens.

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  2. I saw TLJ last night and it’s totally got me wanting to watch the original trilogy – but I don’t think you can even get it without all the extra effects and bells and whistles. Seeing these images (especially Luke looking at Tattoine’s twin suns — if I had to pick a favorite, that’s it) makes me want to find it all the more!

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  3. Ugh….do I really have to choose? There is so much to love in Star Wars. Every movie has something in it that I find either very memorable or very beautiful. But I think the best and at the same time most beautiful scene for me will always be Vader’s choice at the end of Jedi. Him looking back and forth between the Emperor and his son, and finally choosing to rescue his son, is such an incredibly powerful and beautiful scene that it still manages to induce goosebumps in me, every time that I see it 😊

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