How to become LEGendary with Spielberg’s Ready Player 1

Ahahahahaha pardon me but I couldn’t stop laughing when looking at the first poster of highly awaited Spielberg’s ”Ready Player One” that was just published. What the fuck happened with Wade Watts’ right leg?!


No wonder folks starts to make fun of it… ”’LEGendary”, as Dec of The Surrealist Junkie said!



Whatever. Maybe it’s an Easter Egg. A new trailer of ”Ready Player One” has just been published and it looks even better than the teaser published this summer (I wrote about the film before). It relies much less on the heavy CGI-based characters and seems to involve a very detailed and elaborated world too. Plus that Depeche Mode song in a renewed version! Mmm. What a combination.

So far ”Ready Player One”, Alex Garland’s ”Annihilation” and Robert Rodriguez’ ”Alita: Battle Angel” look like one of the most promising original big sci-fi movies of 2018…


78Duke Nukem + Freddy KrueggerAkira's bikeVirtual reality13


Some other alternative posters.




6 thoughts on “How to become LEGendary with Spielberg’s Ready Player 1

  1. Man, this looks so awesome, as I commented over on another blog, it’s a geeks dream come true. Pretty much everything in it is something that I love. Hopefully it won’t just be a CGI fest alone, but also have an interesting story. Other than that: I am erm READY for it 😂

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