The Falls and Rises of Film Franchises Infographic

Lilyn G. of Sci-Fi & Scary has just published an awesome infographic…


Here you can see the full hi-res version where you can compare the franchises and see everything in detail.

What are your thoughts?

As for myself, I’ve always been not too tolerant with professional cinema critics, but this infographic just confirms that for the most part they understand very little about cinema. They tend to:

  • bash almost-good/mediocre films much more than they deserve it (basically, every 3rd/4th film in almost any franchise will follow this path, see ”Alien; Resurrection”, ”Terminator: Salvation”, ”Rocky IV”, ”Star Wars”)
  • overrate films that are balancing between good and moderately good (”Prometheus” & ”Alien: Covenant”, ”Resident Evil”, ”Die Hard IV” are good examples, ”Mission Impossible 4 & 5” are rated much higher than the first installment)
  • dislike horror/slasher movies in general

Yikes. Feels so good to be an amateur film critic.


4 thoughts on “The Falls and Rises of Film Franchises Infographic

  1. Honestly. I hardly ever judge film by reviews only. I always like to see something myself first, before I pass judgement. Too many times I have seen a film that got highly recommended and I completely disliked, or more often it os the other way around: a movie getting bashed that I highly enjoyed. This graph certainly seems to point that out in a very clear way. Thanks for providing the link 😀

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