Kirk Douglas turned 101

Yesterday Kirk ”Spartacus” Douglas turned 101. He was born as Issur Danielovitch, and his parents were Jewish immigrants that left Russian Empire (present-day Belarus). Kirk Douglas is one of the last living people of the film industry’s Golden Age.

And what about sci-fi? Kirk Douglas did an extremely weirdSaturn 3” which I haven’t seen… any thoughts on this 1980 film?

6 thoughts on “Kirk Douglas turned 101

  1. Haven’t seen Saturn (1980), the RT score tells me it’s not his best work.
    I liked another sci-fi with Kirk Douglas that year, The Final Countdown (1980).


    • Yes, the score are low, but from what I read (there is a lenghty article on Den of Geek) it was an extremely weird movie and production. Kirk Douglas insisted all the time to be nude.

      ”Who better to direct your space horror epic than the choreographer and filmmaker behind such classic Hollywood musicals as Singin’ In The Rain and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers?”

      And how was The Final Countdown?


  2. I haven’t seen that one either. But he is truly an amazing actor. Astounding that he turned 101 years old today. What an age to reach. I also enjoyed his performance in twenty thousand leagues under the sea 😊

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