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Just a quick update. Since the blog has been growing steadily since I launched it almost one year ago plus some readers were complaining that it becomes hard to navigate and find stuff (most notably dbmoviesblog 🙂 which is by the way an awesome movie blog with thoughtful insights!), I decided to fully renovate the homepage. I hope your face expression won’t be like theirs…


…and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback. Now new posts won’t be published directly on the main page, but just as a short link to them. Here what it looks like:

new main page 2

Does it make any sense?



8 thoughts on “’s new homepage

    • Thanks, Chris! The possibilties were very limited because I use the basic WordPress engine, so I just made a simple manual thing by introducing a couple of columns (which was a much more difficult task than it may sound……).


  1. Just a thought, you might want to give certain posts (in the future) a more detailed link description, as for example “the last question” blog post is a bit vague to me(I can’t see what it is until I click). Maybe this is intentional on your part, and you want the mystery of the link names, I don’t know

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    • Thanks for your advice! They’re highly welcome 🙂

      Well, for ”The Last Question” I intentionally kept it short to preserve the intrigue. As for the others, I tried to put some descriptions.

      But apart of that post, you’re right, I actually wanted to make them longer, but for technical reasons it was not possible… I actually had to shorten them compared to how they were written originally! 😦

      If you make it longer than, for example, ”David Harbour of Stranger Things = Hellboy!” than it literally becomes a mess and everything starts to fall apart and the page starts splitting into two, messing the rows and the columns…

      I guess you can still witness that if you open the page from your phone, holding it vertically. I can do nothing about it. It’s a big flaw of the WordPress engine – it doesn’t maintain the page’s integrity but readapts it freely to the screensize without giving you any possibility to tweak it.

      WordPress is a great engine overall, but when you want to adjust the stuff manually you need to pass to, I guess, which is right not suitable and too time-consuming.

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  2. Your blog looks very cool, love the update. I’m really not a techwizard myself (actually I’m not at all), so I’m already glad when I manage to get a good menu going and write a post lol 😂😂 Seriously though, you have put some great effort into this and it shows. Good job!😀

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    • Thanks, Michel, I’m not a huge techwizard either, in fact I did all this stuff manually through html (you can find sample codes online because my html knowledge is close to absolute zero) and it took me almost a day… is so tough to use when you want to adjust something. But now at least I hope it looks neat and tidy, without huge posts spreading everywhere.

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