David Harbour of Stranger Things = Hellboy!



Remember the big guy Hopper from “Stranger Things“?

Well, now he’ll become even bigger and with a stronger sense of justice wry humour than ever.


That’s so cool! Hopper is one of the best characters of the show (even though often I find myself thinking that any character of “Stranger Things” can be described this way). “Hellboy” will be released 11.01.2019. But I see a shadow of doubt over it…

The main man behind the reboot is Neil Marshall. And here comes the doubt… Which movies has Neil Marshall directed? “Centurion” with Fassbender which had more style than substance, sci-fi thriller “Doomsday” (I haven’t seen it) – both were big box office failures which isn’t really important, but IMDb/RT ratings aren’t particularly charming either. But! He also did a bunch of TV episodes, like “Game of Thrones” (and his episodes were received very well!), one “Westworld” episode (the show is a must-see for any sci-fi fan!) And some others.

The other cast features some interesting names too.

So, time will be the judge, but as for now I have very mixed feelings about the new “Hellboy” film.


13 thoughts on “David Harbour of Stranger Things = Hellboy!

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first mentioned a few months ago. Shame big Ron didn’t get a chance to reprise the role, though.

    Anyhoo, it’s good to see that someone else thinks Ang Lee’s Hulk is overlooked.

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    • I am sure you will adore it. It has a very dark tone, weird humour and characters, is occasionally scary and creepy, but still feels like a children’s fable. I’d call it an R-rated version of Pixar movies.

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  2. Well….Neil Marshall has directed two of my favorite horrormovies as well, and both I highly recommend. The first is Dog Soldiers which is a rather unique take on the werewolf legend. It is bloody, low budget, but a truly terrific horrormovie. The second is even better and is called The Descent. It’s one of the best horrormovies that I have ever seen, and features a group of girls that get trapped in an unexplored underground cave system….abd they are not alone. It’s a truly claustrophobic movie…and one I really recommend watching 😀
    Although I am sad that Ron Perlman isn’t coming bsck to reprise his role, it’s great to see “Hopper” filling in his shoes. Looking forward to this, can’t wait to see a first trailer, which of course will still be a while 😊


    • I had a suspect you’d love him! But you know I am not such a big horror fan as you… 😀 But I will remember about your recommendation when I’m in the mood of watching some good horror which happened more frequently recently.

      In fact, when I was reading about him there was a lots of praise on his low budget movies you mentioned which were done in the beginning of his career, but a lot of criticism on Doomsday and Centurion. Have you seen these as well by the way?

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      • Yep I have seen both of them. I actually loved Centurion. It was a pretty good (and rather bloody) film, with some great abd pretty spectacular action sequences. Doomsday has been a while since I last saw that one. It has a bit of a Mad Max feel to it, and features some completely crazy characters and set pieces. But that one was fun as well though. It certainly wasn’t a bad movie, that’s for sure.
        I think this new Hellboy movie is probably the biggest project he has taken on in his career, so it will be interesting to see what he is going to come up with 😊

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      • Well 300 was better (but to be fair it had of course a bigger budget), but Centurion certainly was a great film, especially considering it’a budget. Doomsday is pretty cool. As I said I watch it quite a while ago, so I can’t remember much, but some things were done very well, and I loved the Mad Max vibe. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it 😊

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