Robocop mashup / posters pt 2

It’s a little known fact, but while scavenging for those marvellous “Robocop” posters I stumbled upon an impressive amount of a nasty fan fantasy…


Robocop, Michael Fassbender’s model. Probably based on the rumours of Fassbender’s involvement in the 2014 remake.


Did I just say impetious and vehement nasty in the beginning of this post?


Sooner or later Robocop vs Terminator had to happen, if not on the big screen, then at least in the readers’ minds notebooks.


The fattest terminator ever!


Where is the Predator?


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10 thoughts on “Robocop mashup / posters pt 2

  1. Lol, Roboparsnip 😂😂😂Seriously who comes up with something like that lol.
    I think on YouTube there are some pretty impressive fan made Robocop vs Terminator videos. Some of them are really impressive to say the least 😊

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