Better Than Fiction

I love science fiction because it lets us dream and imagine things we would otherwise never experience… at least, not during our lifespan… But sometimes life is simply better than any fiction you could’ve ever imagined. Or it’s not? Here is a photograph of a very old man looking at the dying sun through his photocamera. Why does it make me feel sad and empty? I wonder if he did take that photo…




6 thoughts on “Better Than Fiction

  1. For me the blurred anonymous figures at the side symbolise the masses of Others, and they make it seem a very personal moment to the man capturing the image. It’s also interesting that were seeing what he’s seeing, though he doesn’t know of our presence. It provokes existentialist ideas

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  2. Sometimes certain sounds or images can make you feel very melancholy or sad. This image definitely captures that feeling. It’s almost as if the old man knows the end of his own lifeline is nearing, and that the setting sun somehow makes him realise that. Maybe he is even doubting to take the picture because of exactly that feeling.

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