6 thoughts on “An update from Bobinsky

  1. Nicely done! The review list is definitely more interesting to read with the added info. I might do something similar on my site and include a list of top rated films in alphabetical order.

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  2. I like the new look too, enjoying your site very much. If you don’t mind me saying, I have to say that it is a bit difficult for me to find your latest posts. I usually go to “the most popular posts” section or to reviews, but I think I still manage to miss some.

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    • Thanks, this kind of feedback is very important for me. What would you suggest? I just do the posts and you can scroll them down on the main page, or you can also go in the categories you’re interested into… The most popular posts is just a collection of 10 posts that barely changes (mostly posts with some lists or gifs tend to be popular). But because I have quite little feedback on this stuff, it may be confusing, so any advice is much appreciated 🛴⛄


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