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Curious fact – M. Night Shyamalan co-wrote “Stuart Little“. Yes, that 1999 movie about a talking mouse that grossed $300 mln and now is rated 5.9 on IMDb, released same year as “The Sixth Sense“. Since then he never did a comedy film again.

While doing recently “Top 17 Highest Grossing Horror Movies“, it was a nice surprise to find out that three movies on the list (“Sixth Sense“, “Signs“, “The Village“) were directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Yes, I did watch them but had no idea that all of them were that successful commercially, and must admit that I didn’t really follow his works in the late 2000-s (post-“The Village” films), like many of you, I suppose.

Now he made a commercially successful comeback with “The Visit” (I haven’t seen the film, but it grossed $98 mln on a $5 mln budget!) and – of course! – “Split” which was widely successful from all points of view and which I have yet to review, but one thing caught my attention while reading the film’s excellent review here – the posters.

The film was mostly promoted with these 2 posters…

…while there was in fact another artwork and I seriously think it may qualify as one of the best posters of 2016 because it explores the films idea just brilliantly:



As for the rest of M. Night Shyamalan’s filmography, there weren’t so many impressive posters, but here are a few that I find curious:


And one more thing. While I find the poster of “The Happenning” quite dull (the movie where Mark Wahlberg talks with a house plant, begging it not to kill him, just to find out it’s a plastic plant), there is one interesting detail that I noticed when the film was released but was subsequently removed the the marketing campaing (except for the Spanish poster).


See those small white writings? It says “We’ve Sensed It” / “We’ve Seen The Signs”, making a clear reference to M. Night Shyamalan’s two other movies. It is just a marketing trick, obviously, but I haven’t actually seen many posters connected in some way to the previous movies of the same director.

16 thoughts on “M. Night Shyamalan / posters

  1. Terrific post. I have always liked M. Night Shyamalan films’ posters. I love the one on The Visit, where “the rules” are knitted, it feels original and immediately eye-catching. I also think the posters to the Village could have been more to the point and cleverer, given such a scary and eerie plot. And I totally agree with you on the artful poster for Split. Minimalist posters are my thing. Thanks for the mention and praise!

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    • Minimal posters are my thing too! 😄 Yes, I agree with you, except for The Sixt Sense & Signs, those posters were just okay, too obvious (like many 90-s and early 00-s posters). The original posters for the Village were an attempt to be something artistic but as you rightfully note they didn’t really express the film’s ideas…

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  2. Some really good posters there. I have to admit that I haven’t paid attention to anything of Shyamalan’s since The Village… Unbreakable is the only one of his flicks I’ve seen that I actually rate.

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  3. Man…I keep saying it, but it really amazes me how you keep finding these absolutely wonderful posters! That poster for Split is just awesome 😀 I did not know about Stuart Litte by the way, so always cool to learn something new. As for The Visit: that one is worth checking out. I saw it earlier this year, but it’s pretty good that’s for sure. Loved this post, keep up the amazing work 😊

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  4. The Split poster is great. Wow I just realized I’ve actually seen every movie mentioned in this post – I didn’t realize until now that I had seen so many of his movies. But I do enjoy most of them.

    I was impressed with “The Visit.” The way it is all filmed through a camcorder like The Blair Witch Project, but its done with such skill.

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    • That is interesting, Jason! I had The Happening on my radar when it was out but due to all negative reviews I skipped it… What is you favourite? Mine is The Village probably, but I saw it long time ago and don’t remember the technical part of the film, but the atmosphere and the idea which is excellent (and similar to Yorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth, have you seen it?).


  5. Loved The Sixth Sense. Really creepy and an awesome cinema watch. From that high it all started to breakaway for me but I enjoy the fact he is always striving for originality. I haven’t seen Split or the series Wayward Pines which I do fancy trying one day. Great artwork on the posters for sure 🙂

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