“It” is about to become the highest grossing horror movie ever?

“It” (2017) is probably about to become the biggest horror box office success ever, as its current box office of stands at… $666.6 million. Just $6 mln away from beating “The Sixth Sense” (1999).

That cannot beat “Paranormal Activity” with its $15,000 budget and $193 mln box office, but it’s nice to see all these 6 66666 66 6 66 66 6 on Halloween indeed.

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The number of bad movies that came out this weekend are astounding. Then again, for the Halloween season, it’s more about the jump scares and gore than anything else. So no surprise that even with bad reviews, “Jigsaw”, the first “Saw” film in seven years, would still take the top spot at the box office for it’s opening weekend, the weekend before Halloween hits. In first place, the film took $16.2 million domestically while taking $9.5 million internationally for a $25.7 million global take. With it’s small $10 million budget, the film is technically already a hit.

In second place, “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” the film took $10 million. Domestically it has $35.5 million and internationally it has $207, 889 for a global total of $35.7 million.

In third place, “Geostorm” is managing to hang in there with $5.6 million. Domestically the film has only $23.5 million with better…

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4 thoughts on ““It” is about to become the highest grossing horror movie ever?

  1. I don’t believe IT. (See what I did there). But really, 666 million is pretty remarkable. I didn’t think it would be that big of a box office success. But year, Paranormal Activity still takes the cake for greatest margin, by far.

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