Moon / posters + Duncan Jones’ next film, Mute

A bunch of posters for “Moon“, one of the best sci-fi debuts ever.

The original poster is still my favourite though:



Duncan Jones’ 4th film, sci-fi noir set in 2052 Berlin “Mute“, will be released next year, and he describes it as a spiritual sequel to his debut, hinting that both movies share the same universe. He has been planning it since 2003 and it seems this time the visuals will not be prevailing over the content, like it happened with “Warcraft“, Jones’ 3rd film (an nice flick for any “Warcraft” videogame fan, but less so for everybody else). “Mute” is distributed by Netflix and stars Paul Rudd, Alexander Skarsgård and Justin Theroux.

Really looking forward to it.

17 thoughts on “Moon / posters + Duncan Jones’ next film, Mute

  1. Moon is a movie that is still very high on my list of movies that I NEED to see (see how I subtly said need instead of want lol). Seriously though it’s one of thos movies that for some reason I have missed out on when it was released, and for some reason also haven;t been able to see yet. Still I really want to though, as I have heard it is a very impressive film. These posters look awesome by the way!
    Off topic, I commented yesterday on your 400 days post, but I had a comments issue yesterday that sent comments straight to spamfilters. So…it’s probably still there lurking lol 😂😂
    As always this was a great post: as mentioned before I always love how you manage to find these truly terrific posters 😀

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  2. Moon is an exceptional movie. Really like the posters here and I’m looking forward to Mute also.

    Warcraft completely passed me by! Though, it’s possibly a good thing.

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  3. Been waiting for this since I heard about it after being blown away at the cinema by Moon. How brilliant is that film 🙂
    Mute interested straight off by, at the time, being said it was going to be set in a Blade Runner world. Seeing the comic book art work and concept design triggered so much joy. Then the project went dead for years. It was superb news indeed to hear Netflix picked up the project. It has to be brilliant but I’m going to try not to get too excited 🙂 as it’s been such a long wait I don’t wanna get hurt hehe LOL. Hairy fingers well and truly crossed!

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  4. […] I consider one of the best films ever) seems like an obvious recommendation. Debuts as “Moon” by Duncan Jones and “10 Cloverfield Lane” by Dan Trachtenberg  are also […]


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