The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

What can I add? “The Disappearance of Willie Bingham” is brilliantly executed short film, and it is terrifying because of how real it feels. In a longer version it would be a perfect “Black Mirror” episode, they like to flirt with creepy ideas like here.

It’s not horror in the traditional sense, but Matt Richards’ short The Disappearance of Willie Bingham is plenty horrific. The concept alone—punishment by dismemberment (that has a ring to it)—is a gnarly take on the criminal justice system, allowing victims to determine what goes and what stays on a criminal’s body: hence the name, The Disappearance of Willie Bingham. You really have to appreciate what Richards has done here, taking a simple concept and spiraling it into a gruesome tale of what a completely unhinged justice system might look like in the future. Stay out of trouble, kids.

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4 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

  1. This one was seriously creepy. If our justice system would ever come to this, I think it’s safe to say that nobody would ever commit a crime anymore. Truly a terrific, but genuinely scary short movie 😊

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