Arrival / posters

Just as the eponymous album of Public Image Ltd., “This Is What You Want…


…This Is What You Get”.

As much as I loved the film and consider it the one of the best science fiction movies of last years, the official poster was a little… in-your-face? I didn’t feel like that before watching the film as it intrigued me (and it still does), but now I have doubts that this poster will become iconic.

This one is my favourite so far:

“Arrival” didn’t spawn a big amount of fan art or fan posters either (which isn’t a good sign). All other posters just are a rehash of three elements – the banana-shaped spaceship, Amy Adams with an open mouth and the signs of the alien language. These are the only nice designs I found:


There was also a small curious controversy I must’ve missed with the posters before the film’s release:


On the left pic you can see Hong Kong’s background with artificially added Shanghai’s Pearl Tower. The error was fixed in 24h.

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