High-Rise / posters

4 bloody lovely posters for “High-Rise” that I must have missed when reviewing Ben Wheatley’s surreal film. The last one has some very curious details.





High-Rise” a bloody mess of a dystopian movie based on a novel by J. G. Ballard, but it had its moments. And it also had Tom Hiddleston, Siena Miller, Jeremy Irons and absolutely beautiful although rather lifeless visuals.


5 thoughts on “High-Rise / posters

  1. […] burdened with their artistry and attempt to say something deep (like beautiful but soulles “High-Rise“). While somebody could criticize it for not digging as profoundly as it could, I’d […]


  2. High Rise is one of those very rare page to screen translations that fails because it’s too faithful to the source material.
    “Remember, folks, this is BALLARD we’re doing here.”
    Ballard himself would have found the movie bland. No adventure, nothing dared.
    David Cronenberg would have delivered a far better movie. Damn you, Cronenberg, why didn’t you grab High Rise instead of Crash?

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