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I’ve been a long-time follower of this amazing blog, “Sci-Fi Interfaces“. Its author, Chris, is a very humble guy…

“Scifiinterfaces analyzes the interfaces seen in movies and television show for fun and erudition. Its main author and curator and all around guy is me, Chris Noessel.”

…but in fact he does a very detailed and lentghy analysis of all type of sci-fi interfaces, from “TRON” and “Oblivion” (about 30 interfaces analyzed) to “Dr. Strange” and “Johny Mnemonic“. Together with Nathan Shedroff, Chris published a 348-page book “Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction”.

Here is one of my favourite posts by Chris about “Johny Mnemonic” (by the way, Keanu Reeves is doing “Replicas”, his new sci-fi movie): Cyberspace: Bulletin Board.


So, “Replicas”… Here’s a shot from it with Keanu wearing a helmet that makes me think of the “Johny Mnemonic”:


I must sadly admit I paused the trailer at the same moment ss it was written “from the producers of ‘Passengers‘ and ‘Transformers‘.” That is a bad sign. Really bad. How someone even dares to use it to attract audience? It’s not 2007 now. I cannot express how much I hated that movie even though it had some moments (actually I hated both, but at least Transformers never tried to pretend something it isn’t). The trailer of “Replicas” doesn’t look really good. For now, it looks exactly like a film influenced by the producers of “Passengers”, ha ha.


And to end this post on a positive note, two ultracool GIFs from “Johny Mnemonic”, a movie with weird as never Dolph Lundgren and a cyborg dolphin.



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  1. Johny Mnemonic, that really was a fun film. It’s been an awful lomg time ago since i last saw that one, but it was really good. After my Halloween series is over, I might do a classic sci fi series. A couple of golden oldies that I would like to revisit. But definitely a good film that one. Keanu Reeves was very good in it and Dolph Lundgren was completely insane lol 😂

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    • Yes, it’s true… Although I must admit I’ve watched it in the late 00’s and don’t remember it as well as I would like to.

      How long has it been since you’ve checked it IMDb rating, by the way? 😉


  2. I really need to rewatch Johnny Mnemonic It has been forever since I last saw that flick and to be honest I have forgotten all about it. must fix that this very soon As for Replicas It has a interesting premise but the trailer is shit.

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    • Ha-ha! The trailer is just shit, that’s right. Johny M. is one of those movies that almost everybody has watched but nobody remembers what was there… I’ve met a dozen comments like that all around the internet. So 5.7 on IMDb is understandable at this point.


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