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My cinematic archive is small, but what can be better than a photo of a Robert Patrick’s metal sculpture.

He won’t be present in the forthcoming “Terminator” sequel, produced by James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller (“Deadpool”), but Arnold and Linda Hamilton will. Details are unknown, but it seems that the new film will be the first in a new trilogy and will continue the events of “T2”.


I still cannot believe that James Cameron is so busy with all these Avatar sequels, 4 of them are planned currently… couldn’t he do just 1 sequel and 3 films about something else? I was just thinking about how much I loved “Avatar” upon its release, but it rarely comed to my mind now (and I heard similar thoughts from other movie lovers too). I got a bad feeling that if the first sequel won’t be too successful commercially, the other will be simply cancelled. Here is a very good insight into why it didn’t have a long-lasting influence.

Two weird posters to compensate the sadness.

8 thoughts on “Cinematic archives / Terminator / posters

  1. Those are some very cool posters again 😀😀 Terminator will always be a favorite of mine, no matter how many times that I have seen it 😊 Looking forward to whatever they are coming up with in this new movie.
    As for Avatar….from what I have heard is that they will be shooting the three films simultaneously. That’s what I heard anyway, so don’t know if they will be cancelled along the way. I have faith in Cameron though…so far as a director he has not let me down yet 😀

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    • They’re a bit weird because Sara Connor resembles Lata Croft there a little 😃 yes, simultaneously, but as I understand a huge part of the cost in “Avatar” comes from the post-production… Anyway, I was just being sarcastic! 🤔 Check the the last link in the post, it’s a lenthy reading, but very interesting! ☺☺☺

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      • Lol: sarcasm is my middle name 😂 As for the link, I promise to read that one as soon as I can. I don’t mind lengthy readings at all: so no problem 😀


      • That’s lovely, because I’m pretty troubled with finding out that in our society short posts that require less than 1 minute of reading are most appreciated… 🤗☺ And also all these years I also felt strange about Avatar, which was such a huge event back then.

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  2. Need boost those them boobies to be Lara though! 🙂
    Yep I’m the same with Avatar, where yes I enjoyed the cinema watch but I really have no interest now he taken so frigging long making them. It just feels a massive folly. No one wants 4 more films, do they? Just one maybe four years ago would of been fine. Sounds like he’s lost his marbles. Not getting my hopes up for new Terminators either I’m afraid especially after the last few. Haha yes you did manage to lighten the mood with that awesome blue poster of the T-1000. I want that in my lair 🙂

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