What Philip K. Dick Really Thought of ‘Blade Runner’?

In short… “It will prove invincible”.


Concept art by Syd Mead. © 1982 The Blade Runner Partnership. All rights reserved.

It’s well known that the author never saw the entire film – Philip K. Dick died too early. But he did visit the production set, and there was a special screening organized just for the writer. “Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner“, a recent book by Paul M. Sammon says that after watching the footage Dick didn’t say a word and just sat there like a statue for 20 minutes.

Totally silent.

Then he asked to see the footage again. The writer praised what he saw infinitely, saying that the whole spirit of what he imagined when writing the book was totally transformed to the screen.

This is the letter Philip K. Dick wrote to the production company responsible after seeing the footage.


The old man got it right.


And for dessert, ladies and gentlemen, we have more concept art by Syd Mead, who also worked on “Aliens“, “TRON” and many other futuristic projects.


(All images used in this post belong to 1982 The Blade Runner Partnership. All rights reserved. ©)

6 thoughts on “What Philip K. Dick Really Thought of ‘Blade Runner’?

  1. Terrific post, loved the images you provided here. I think that if you are an author and your book gets transferred to the big screen, you feel both honored and scared at the same time. But when it is done right, you probably also feel pretty good. Which looks like what Philip K. Dick must have felt like after seeing this 😀

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    • Thanks!!! 🙂 They are brilliant. I’ve discovered Mead’s works not so long time ago and he is terrific. I agree with you, even if I have a weird feeling that the writers like to complain about the film adaptations… There are at least several examples of a cult movie that wasn’t accepted well by the original author, like “Solaris”.

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  2. What a wonderful insight into the brilliant mind that was Philip K. Dick. I never had the pleasure of reading his novel based on the movie though I admire his novel – The Adjustment Bureau.

    I wrote about Blade Runner once in my ‘ That 80’s Film’ and mentioned how it was more than some shiny scimfi movie and went to the heart of seeking what makes us human. It is a beautiful movie that I treasure and I really enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

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    • Thank you! Well, even Ridley Scott haven’t fully read the novel which the film is based own. “Blade Runner” is a great science fiction noir, two genres that marry each other so well. Prepare for the second installment 😊

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    • Indeed. I’ve seen his previous works for TRON (I watched all the movies and played the game for which he developed some designs too), but wasn’t really aware of his other works. Syd Mead also worked on the ship from Aliens, remember it? And what I find fascinating is that he was born in 1933, 4 years before R. Scott. When they did those movies, both weren’t some youngsters, but rather in mid 40-s. And growing up in the 30s and in the 40s to create later these gorgeous futuristic designs… that is incredible.


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