TRON, TRON 2.0 and TRON: LEGACY comparison / sci-fi designs

As if I haven’t published enough posts about TRON universe just recently, here’s more of it. A quick comparison between ”TRON” (1982 movie), ”TRON 2.0” (2003 videogame) and ”TRON: Legacy” (2010 movie).

TRON designs comparisontron COMPARISON

(Am I the only one who thinks the images on the right look…just a little duller?)

However, the latter disc designs are an exception. They look pretty cool.

tron COMPARISON3Because the old version just makes me think of mosquitoes…


The light cycles look awesome too. In all versions.

TRON designs comparison

Note that in 1982 they didn’t wear a helmet when riding the light cycle, but just the same helmet as in any other scene. The same applies to 2003.


Let’s hope for the sequel, it seems we have all grounds for it now.


12 thoughts on “TRON, TRON 2.0 and TRON: LEGACY comparison / sci-fi designs

  1. There can never be a thing such as too much Tron: lol 😂 Man to be honest, these posts make we want to rewatch Tron Legacy again. I really enjoyed that film. Even though many people unfortunately didn’t. Those light cycles remain absolutely amazing to look at. Great post! 😊

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  2. The one about mosquito coils just about made me laugh. It’s true though, somehow the latest seems less neon hued, or at least not as bright as the older ones.

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    • Haha thanks! Yes, I find it cool that a different approach was used without blindly copying the old style. It was mostly the initiative of Joseph Kosinski, the director, who wanted to create a more realistif world of glass, metal or concrete rather that a less comprehensible universe of the first film and the 2003 game, where everything seemed really digital, endless.

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