Question: what unites Italy, Japan and new Stephen King’s film adaptation ‘It’?

You will float, too-


Answer: the release dates. None of them will see ‘IT‘ in September, like the rest of civilized world. Damn, even Cambodia will see it sooner.

it release dates


Holy fuck. Normally I don’t rant about this kind of stuff, but given how much I loved ‘Stranger Things’ and how much you all guys praise ”It”, it just seems so unfair. I love horror movies if they are not just horror movies but a good story too. Unfortunately, this kind of release schedule is not an exception here in Italy, but almost a norm. ”Valerian” and ”Beguiled” were released just 5 days ago.

…cowards. I guess there is nothing sacred for them in this world. Just $.

You will float too

6 thoughts on “Question: what unites Italy, Japan and new Stephen King’s film adaptation ‘It’?

    • I should, yes. As for now, I can tell you that the main reason for moving are summer releases – in summer the cinemas here are not so frequented as in winter. So they move the release and thus gain two advantages – a) seeing how the movie performed abroad and plan accordingly b) getting more visitors.

      I don’t have the numbers right now, but my feeling is that cinemas here in general are not as popular as in other countries. It happened rarely that I went to see a movie and there were just few tickets left. In best case it was half-empty. Jurassic World was something like 60% on an evening screening during the first days of its release.
      JW Italy box office $16,723,119
      JW France $41,284,758
      JW Germany $48,499,739
      JW Spain $24,901,213
      JW Netherlands $11,120,472 (with 17 mln population!)
      JWV Sweden+Norway is roughly the same as Italy, and the population in Sweden and Norway together is roughly 4 times smaller than in Italyl

      The numbers speak by themselves as France, Germany and Italy have pretty similar income levels and population…

      The schedules are different too – the cinemas open their doors in best case at 15.00 or 16.00 in the afternoon (generally, there are some exceptions in big cities, in medium-sized/small towns things are worse). I can tell you that in Riga, my hometown, which is 3 times smaller than Milan, the movies are normally shown in a central muptiplex from 11-12 in the morning.


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