Tarkovsky / posters

“And so, what is a film? It’s a mosaic made of time.” (A. Tarkovsky)


Dreamy and poignant posters for several films of the great Russian director, by Curzon Artificial Eye. These are definitely most beautiful posters of his works I have ever seen (including probably the original posters)  as they reflect carefully the poetic nature of these films, which continue to influence modern filmmakers, such as Dennis Vileneuve who directed the best science fiction movie of 2016, ”Arrival”.

And probably will make the best sci-fi of 2017. And who is currently working on Blade Runner 2049.


17 thoughts on “Tarkovsky / posters

    • Yes, Kaidanovsky was an interesting person. I once read a story about him… He was coming back home with his friend, then suddenly a bunch of guys approached them, menacing and asking for money. Kaidanovsky looked at the gang leader with deadly cold eyes, then rapidly took out a sharp pencil out of his pocket and almost –
      almost! – put it precisely in the eye of the gang leader, saying nothing. Silence. The gang left.

      And there were many stories like that about him.

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  1. I lost a friend, a brother so close, that Stalker will always be are film. Both loving to explore abandoned wastelands that every one we went to we always joked about the “zone” beautiful days. Just the most perfect film. “Ivan’s Childhood” has been cued up to watch for ages but I keep putting it off because I know it’s going to break me. The guy is a genius.

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