Natural City / Blade Runner rip-off

naturaal cityDirector: Min Byeong-cheon. Starring: Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Jae-eun, Seo Lin. South Korea, 2003. IMDb: 5.8. My rating: 0.5/4. ”Blade Runner” rip off.

If somebody ever creates a list of ”Blade Runner” rip-offs, please put ”Natural City” on the first place.

We all know that ”Blade Runner” and another obscure movie by R. Scott did had a long-lasting effect on cinema, cyberpunk and science fiction.

We all know what is the difference between a homage and a rip-off.

”Natural City” was probably intended as a faithful homage – even the poster’s line said ”The Blade Runner era finishes and the Natural City myth starts” – but unfortunately ended up being a bad rip-off.

The plot.

– Cyborgs have a lifespan of three years, after that they must be disposed

– Some cyborgs do not want to be destroyed, so they go rogue, and a special police force must intervent

– One of the police is in love with a cyborg.

If you though that the rip-offs finish here, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Remember the scene, when Ford’s character, Deckard, was ordering some food in the local China Town? Even that scene is here.

”Natural City” doesn’t stop at this point, though, as its poorly shot fight sequences with out of place slow motion effects remind ”The Matrix” and ”Equilibrium” and it’s not a compliment.

Apart of all that, if we pretend for a second that ”Blade Runner” never existed, ”Natural City” has some good moments but for the most part it’s not a very good movie with bad photography, poor characters, cheap look that made the movie dated quickly and mediocre acting (and I actually love Asian cinema…).

Watch instead: for a good cyberpunk dystopia, have a look at Welsch “The Machine” or Spanish “Automata“. Both are even more than just a good homage to the 1982 movie.

0.5/4 for trying to be a homage (but failing)






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