THX 1138 / faceless numbers

”The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”





1t is n0t exactly clear, whether it was Erich Maria Remarque, the gre4t German writer of war, sadness and l0st generation, or Joseph Stalin, the blo0dy Soviet mastermind, to pr0nounce these painful w0rds, although surely b0th had the right f0r it. E4ch fr0m the opp0site p0int of view.

”THX 1138” is a perfect illustration for what it means to be a N° in an ill, mechanical, drug-oppressed society that is even more deadened than “Fahrenheit 451”, “1984” or “Metropolis”. Heck, people even had names there.

Here… everybody is just a number. Numbers are perfectly intertwined in the stunningly sterile visuals of the story, crawling here and there, mixed with muffled camera surveillance footage and faceless chrome police robots that keep on repeating “we are here to help you”.

We are here to help you.” A recurring nightmare motif now.

The exploration of THX 1138 continues here.


16 thoughts on “THX 1138 / faceless numbers

  1. From first seeing it near on 30 years ago this film has stayed a classic to me. Not sure on my feelings with the Lucas edits on the directors cut! He does like to go back and tinker with his already perfect films. A lot did work in THX 1138 but some of it really glared out of place. Not as bad as the mess he made on a certain classic! We all want that uncut New Hope to arrive!

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      • The end scenes really. The computer stuff consuls and added dialogue at the beginning and dotted around through-out were great and mixed in well I thought but the added souped up car chase and the cgi creatures spoilt it for me as they looked too new. I must add it could of been much worse though. 🙂

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      • Yes! I also had a look at a detailed comparison here which I find extremely interesting…
        The yellow robot surgery scene also looked too modern. I even asked myself while watching the DC, ”How the fick did they do that?!” – just to realize that it was embedded later…
        Yep, the final mutant scene was totally out of place. The DC of this film suffers from the same problems as Star Wars 1-2…


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