I want your opinion about…

…this video that I did.

This one is going to be one of few non-sci-fi posts. I’ve been working for several weeks on the musical video of an amazing song “K.” from the debut album by Cigarettes After Sex. Highly reccomended for all the lovers of dreampop, indie pop, shoegaze and even slowcore like me (let me mention some of my favourite bands… Galaxie 500, Mazzy Star, Jesus and Mary Chain, Codeine, Beach House, The XX, Hibou, Air, My Bloody Valentine, Badly Drawn Boy, At Swim Two Birds, Youth Lagoon… and many others).

I only did the editing, assembling and cutting two movies by Abel Ferrara (“Ms .45”, “The Blackout”) and Andrei Tarkovski (“The Mirror”, “Solaris”), but tried to make a new story. Main reasons were that I’m studying editing a little and because the album is just amazing. It’s an ambient pop project, intimate and surreal, so I thought these 4 movies match it well.

Feel free to hate it or bash it, just tell me that.

P. S. I’m sure pretty soon it will be taken down for the rights violation (although I guess only real cinephiles would watch these movies now in 2017 and then try to block them), so here’s that song with +60 mln views many of you have probably heard of:

Pitchfork gave it 7.4 and given how snobbish it is, that’s good.

13 thoughts on “I want your opinion about…

  1. The music for this is absolutely amazing, and I think you did an amazing job on the video. If you had not told me that this was made up of four different movies, I would not even have noticed. That’s how well this was done. Great job, thanks for sharing this 😊

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    • Thanks Raistlin! It actually means a lot to me and I spent lots of hours by making it… (I think 50+ hours :D). In first place, thanks for the directors, of course, and the band. 🙂 That’s a good thing you didn’t notice these were different movies. Editing is a lot of fun, but it is tough too. I’m just starting to approach it.

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  2. Yeah man! The mood fits perfectly. The scenes enhance the surrealistic quality of the music. Very Lynchian. I love dream pop, and the bands you mentioned. Def one of my favorite aspects of Lost in Translation is the dream pop soundtrack (MBV, Air, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc.).

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    • Thanks!!!! Well, consider that Tarkovsky shot that before Lynch ;))) Just kidding…

      Dream pop is amazing and there are lots of good bands appearing every year. I actually come to know this genre through Lost in T… you too?

      What are your fav albums dreampop/shoegaze of last 5 years?

      I personally discover lots of stuff through David Dean Burkhart channel on youtube, probably you know it.

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  3. Of course, I was unacquainted with Tarkovsky, but now I am!

    Yeah actually, I came to know this genre through Lost in T too.

    I love Bloom by Beach House. I’ve recently heard some songs on the radio, and I’ve been meaning to listen to the full albums they are from. “Undertow” by Alvvays, and “Easier Said” by Sunflower Bean.

    I do not know the Burkhart YouTube channel. I will check into it. 😃

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  4. I recently reading recently in an interview that Kevin Shields actually stopped his post-91 hiatus because his contribution in Lost in T OST made him realize (haha) he should work again… thanks to Coppola!

    Bloom was incredible. I listened to it for a year continuously when it was out…

    I’ve just listened to both songs, thanks! ”Easier Said” is very nice… I am not a big fan of Alvvays though, they’ve alvvays sounded too… polished to me!

    Yes, he does his own videos from old commercials and footages… very cool! Here are a few of my fav:

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    • These songs are really great. I particularly like Ontario Gothic, how that melody at the beginning turns into so much more, and almost gets washed away in the atmosphere that comes in from the other instruments.

      That’s a Very neat fact about Kevin Shields. I did not know it got him back in the game like that.

      I know what you mean by polished with Alvvays, from what I’ve heard so far. It’s more toward the “pop” end of dream pop. But I’m really looking forward to their new album Sept. 8th. Give this other one a chance, I feel it’s more Beach House Bloom-ey / Cocteau Twins: https://youtu.be/ejdHdP7J8RQ

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      • I think so too! 🙂 Overall it’s a great genre with lots of stuff to discover. Norwegians Flunk and the Scottish band The Pastels have been my long-time fav…

        Now it comes to my mind that both have pretty atypical vocal for the genre.
        Flunk also did a very nice New Order cover:

        Yes, ‘Dreams Tonite’ sounds different. You’re right. It seems to develop more from the twee pop/C86 of their previous works to a more melancholy mood.

        ‘Dreams Tonite’ reminds me more of some stuff The Pains of Being Pure At Heart/DIIV did +one of the founders of the genre – The Pastels. By the way, their last album (Slow Summits) was just incredible. They also did a rarely known album with the Japanese band Tenniscoats which I find very cute…

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeJ7uFdylJc (The Pastels & Tenniscoats’ cover for The Jesus and Mary Chain song).

        What do you think about the new album by JAMC? 🙂


  5. From one blogger dabbling in music videos to another: I really enjoyed watching – great editing and pace, & I echo the comments above that the movies you’ve chosen as sources seem to be a perfect match for the song and each other.

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