Kung Fury

posterDirector: David Sandberg. Starring: David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, David Hasselhoff, Andreas Cahling. Sweden, 2015. Budget: $630,000. A faithful dedication to the best & the worst of the 80-s, rage mode on.

– Fuck! That’s a laser raptor. I thought they went extinct thousands of years ago. What year is this?
– It’s the Viking Age.
– That explains the laser raptor. Fuck! I went too far back in time.
(a dialogue between Kung Fury and Barbarinna)

– I’m disarming you.
(Kung Fury, before ripping off Nazi soldier’s arm)

– Open the doors, Hoff.
– I’m sorry, Fury. I can’t let you do that.
– Open the doors!
– Did anyone tell you… not to hassle the Hoff 9000?
(Kung Fury is convincing the car computer Hoff 9000 to open the door)

”Kung Fury” is a fucked up version of the dorkiest things about the martial arts movies and the 80-s/90-s pop culture you could’ve ever imagined. Thor showing off his over-sized breast muscles? Check. A slot machine “Hoff 9000″ (built by Hitler to reestablish his power) goes rogue revenging the world? Check. ”The Matrix” parody in the goofy 80-s à la Van Damme style? Check. Tyrannosaurus vs Nazi soldiers? Check.

Growling “I’m disarming you” with Batman’s voice to an enemy with a gun and then just tear the poor man’s limb off to use it as an airscrew? Check!

Basically, every scene of it is so lame and hyperbolized that you wonder – what will happen next that can be worse better than this? And then the next scene happens, and you are half-laughing because of its obtuseness, half-crying because it’s just so deranged. Movies like “Iron Sky” (let alone “Turbo Kid“…) look like a complete kindergarten production compared to the Swedish flick – they tried at least to have some kind of plot development and screenplay.

”Kung Fury” doesn’t waste time on such laughable cinematic concepts – NOOOOOOOO – and goes monkeyshit right from the first frames. Heck, it’s “so over-the-top that it makes Mad Max: Fury Road” look like a French black-and-white drama”, as well noted here. ”The entirety of 80-s nostalgia tripped LSD.”

The production. ”Kung Fury” was created by a Swedish guy David Sandberg, who also has the main role. He quit directing commercials and music videos in order to produce an action comedy film set in the 80-s, that finally “Kung Fury”. The film was crowdfunded through Kickstarter, collecting $630,000 in two months – nostalgia makes you feel so good at times. The final goal of $1 mln in order to shoot a full-length feature film was not reached. However, I totally agree on “one great aspect of the film being 30 minutes, is that it’s ridiculousness doesn’t have the chance to become overwhelming.”

What I liked. What is particularly cool about ”Kung Fury” is that with all the goofiness it’s always consistent and honest. It’s a trashy parody on action movies, but there’s no toilet humour (thing that movies like “Lazer Team” should definitely learn) or useless whining melodrama as time-filler. Technically it looks gorgeous and has a cool VHS effect in order to cover some the green screen effects.

100% brutal hardcore, 100% non-stop action, just like ”Hardcore Henry” – whether you like it or not.

… and that makes ”Kung Fury” – surprise! – a very original movie. The stunts, the tricks and the gags. While you certainly feel all its influences, the film never becomes just a collection of moments copied from somewhere else, rather it creates something new. That’s something the films from Hollywood with big budget couldn’t achieve.

Reception. “Kung Fury” has an impressive 8.1 on IMDb with 45,000 votes – and it deserves indeed the kindest words. The film was presented on Cannes festival as well. “Cannes was the first time ever that I’ve watched a movie that I made together with an audience.” For the first five or 10 minutes, you couldn’t even hear the movie because they kept spontaneously applauding and laughing,” said Sandberg. Damn, I’m really happy for him. Isn’t it good when your dreams come true.

Worth watching? If you have seen at least several action and police movies of the 80-s/90-s… If you enjoy switching off the brain, but don’t want waste time on another clichèd superhero movie… If you like crazed parodies and non-stop “80-s rage mode on”… then “Kung Fury” is a must-see. For everybody else… it’s a must-see too. What were you expecting here?! It’s a niche film,  yeah, it’s a well done home production, but it makes look most Hollywood blockbuster productions so lame. 30 minutes of a non-stop craze and parody fly by in a flash, never leaving you bored.


Watch the full movie here:

7 thoughts on “Kung Fury

  1. Great review! And thanks for the Turbo Kid link. : ) I can see why liking one would mean probably liking the other. I did really enjoy Kung Fury! I love how it went all out on all the things its maker clearly loved & enjoyed growing up. I haven’t thought of it much since but was hoping it would kickstart the guy’s career. Imagine what he could make as a full-length film! I should watch this again. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Sandberg actually seems to be pretty experienced due to his musical clips and commercials past… the editing and all the stuff was shot very well and in a very original way. It really grew on me since I watched it so I decided to do the GIFs 😉

      I’d be eager to see a full-lenght, but I have some doubt too… Kung Fury’s lenght was perfect. 2 hours of that would be a little bit too much, at least for me… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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