Spider-Man: Homecoming & sinking ships


15 years and 3 reboots later…

Hm, I’ve just noticed that in the first scene he’s holding at least 8 ropes, but in the second just 2.

And in the second scene there is some random guy on the right ship that seems to be having a good time.

Maybe I just shouldn’t dig that deep sometimes.

And I still have to see a bad review for this movie, it seems that almost everybody truly enjoys it!

3 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming & sinking ships

  1. I’m assuming those two cuts are further apart in the actual sequence as depicted in the final cut; that might be why he goes from holding 8 to 2 web-ropes.

    In all seriousness, though, I have little to no interest in seeing this. The last time I was invested in a cinematic incarnation of Spider-Man was 2007, and that was a letdown. I’m sure this movie, like most of its kind, will offend few audiences, if any, but that’s not enough reason for me, at least, to spend $10-15 on something I’ve seen 14x before.

    Good lead, colorful (if generic) special FX, a so-so supporting cast, repetitive, bland villain, awkward quips and force humor. I just saved you fifteen bucks.


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