This blog is dedicated to science fiction movies – mostly independent.

Funny, dark, psychological, deep, smart, weird, odd, low budget, gory, eccentric and created in first place not for cash earning, although some occasional exceptions for big budget sci-fi will be made.

Independent means under $15-20 mln budget. No trash – in most cases I don’t review trash (with that said, “Ex Drummer” is one of my all-time favourites). All the films are rated from 0 to 4 only within the sci-fi genre.

Why indie? Because since late 90-s indie movie production has been growing into something big, bigger than ever. So many awesome films with tiny budget and unknown names were made, most of them remaining virtually hidden in the shade of commercial sci-fi, blockbusters and YA franchises. More and more of the recent indie sci-fi is not about aliens, monsters, robots and stuff, but more about us, humans, our nature and psychology. This change is still ongoing and it’s great.

I watch all movie genres, so… it would be reasonable to ask why did I start this blog? Simply put, I haven’t found any other that concentrates purely on good science fiction. It lacks coverage. The movie that inspired me particularly in first place was probably ”Coherence”. Some all-time favourite movies of mine are “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Stalker“, “Mulholland Drive” and “Lost In Translation”. Welcome! On the right panel you can browse by categories, otherwise go directly to reviews a-z or reviews by category.

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  1. Excellent! A genre I love reading about. My blog is a mishmash as I watch anything & everything but my biggest love is sci-fi. Look forward to finding out about some good, obscure sci-fi from you. : )

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